I recently re-discovered several videos Jim Nunally and I recorded in 2009. The footage is of us performing some of our favorite songs from our CDs. If I remember correctly our intention was to collect them all onto a DVD.

For some reason we never got around to finishing the videos. They had been edited and all that needed to be done was to replace the on-camera audio with the studio audio we recorded simultaneously at the session. The videos also needed titles. As time passed the project got filed away and pretty much forgotten. Maybe not “forgotten” exactly but certainly tucked back in a far corner of our memories.


In the past few weeks I upgraded my computer and in the process of transferring everything over to the new machine I ran across these videos. As I mentioned, they were all edited and pretty much finished by our videographer Theresa Hioki. I searched for and found the audio recordings on another hard drive. I thought they sounded and looked pretty good. I dropped in the audio, added video titles, and sent the results to Jim. We decided to post the videos to YouTube.

There are thirteen in all, they’ll be posted over the next few weeks, and I’ll send out the links. We hope you’ll enjoy them. We’ve recorded just about every one of the songs on one of our four CDs, which you can find here: https://musixnow.com/music-cds.

I should add that while upgrading my computer I also upgraded my video editing software to Premiere Pro. I was pleasantly surprised that Premiere operated quite a bit like the Final Cut Pro software I’d had years ago and I wasn’t totally at sea. After watching a few tutorials I got things to work relatively quickly and predictably. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to edit video!

Of course not everything worked intuitively and perfectly right out of the box. In the past I’d edited several instructional videos where I used split screens to show closeups of both the right and left hands hands on a guitar or mandolin. In this most recent go at video editing I wanted to learn how to do that again as I have a couple instructional projects I’d like finish. I took a tutorial on split screen editing and it got it mostly right. Mostly. Here’s the result. Imagine my surprise. https://youtu.be/iEu8JWItnjs.

Jim and I  hope you’ll take a look at these first couple of posted videos. The links for the videos of In my Beautiful Dream and Look at it Rain are on the left below. In My Beautiful Dream is from our CD In My Beautiful Dream and this is our only recording of Look at it RainWe really hope you’ll enjoy watching and listening!


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