About Musix

Dix Bruce

I started the Musix company in 1986 to sell my books, CDs, videos, and other projects through the mail. My first book and tape set, Mandolin Harmonics, had just been published by Mel Bay Publications. I had plans for several other guitar and mandolin books and recordings and set about compiling a mailing list of friends, fans, acquaintances, and former subscribers to Mandolin World News, David Grisman’s magazine which I had edited from 1978 to 1984.

As my output of products has grown over the years, so has Musix. We now offer over 100 items and the inventory is always growing. Our web site includes everything from the aforementioned books, CDs, and videos to stickers, luggage tags, and back issues of Mandolin World News, play-along book & audio sets with real bands backing you up (BackUP TRAX, Gypsy Swing and Hot Club Rhythm) on jazz, swing, old time, and blues, mandolin books, guitar books; country and bluegrass swing guitar videos, and much more.

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