About Musix

Dix Bruce

Musix is the one-stop shop to learn all about the books, DVDs, CDs and other products from Dix Bruce. Musix is also the place to access valuable free resources, including instructional videos, audio samples, useful tips, and downloadable sheet music.

Dix Bruce started the Musix company in 1986 to sell his books, CDs, videos, and other projects through the mail. His first book and tape set, Mandolin Harmonics, had just been published by Mel Bay Publications. With plans for several other guitar and mandolin books and recordings, Dix set about compiling a mailing list of friends, fans, acquaintances, and former subscribers to Mandolin World News, David Grisman’s magazine which he had edited from 1978 to 1984.

As output of products grew over the years, so did Musix. We now publish more than 60 books, as well as CDs, videos and play-along book & audio sets with real bands backing you up.  We offer books about many styles of music – from bluegrass, country and old=time to jazz, swing and blues, and we have books for mandolin, guitar, fiddle, bass and much more!

To learn more about Dix and his work, see: About Dix Bruce.

Where to Buy Musix Products

Dix’s books, CDs and videos are available for purchase from Mel Bay, Amazon and other distributors. On the product pages you’ll find detailed  information and useful resources as well as the direct link to purchase the products.

Mandolin World News shirts and hoodies are available for purchase from the Musix website: MWN Apparel.