Elvo D’amante’s Ear Training series is a comprehensive three volume, over 13-hour audio course authored by renowned music educator Elvo S. D’Amante to train you to hear, identify, play and sing scales, modes, intervals, and chords.

This study provides the foundation for excellence in music performance, insights into improvisation, and an understanding of melodic and harmonic concepts. It is the optimum study for enhancing one’s ear. Musicianship is directly-related to one’s ability to hear and capture the essence of melodic and/or harmonic invention. Great for any musician or singer. You’ll begin to hear, perform, and sing music in a new and deeper way.

Ear Training Volume II: Twelve Basic Interval Sounds to Master

Twelve Basic Interval Sounds to Master by Elvo S. D’Amante, is part of the comprehensive three volume ear training course.

This book, which includes over 360 minutes of audio lessons, studies, and drills (5-CD set included), defines intervals from minor second to octave and beyond. Audio drills present a graded set of exercises designed to train you to recognize all ascending and descending intervals. Great for identifying intervals in melodies and chords.

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Additional Details

Ear Training Volume II teaches:
• Twelve Basic Interval Sounds to Master (seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths, etc.)
• Melodic & Harmonic Intervals
• Numerical Identification
• The Diatonic Major-Key Signature
• Simple & Compound Intervals
• Compound Intervals, Chromatic Intervals, Interval Inversion
• Interval Grouping
• Intervals of Enharmonic Equivalency
• The Twelve Representative Interval Sounds…
• Over 360 minutes of audio Lessons, Studies, & Drills
• Learn to identify intervals. For example: What interval forms the first two notes of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”? A descending major third. Same questions for “My Wild Irish Rose”? An ascending major sixth. A truly awesome skill to develop that will open important melodic and harmonic doors.

Sample pages:
Ear Training Vol. II pages 32-33
Ear Training Vol. II pages 66-67

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Elvo S. D’Amante was the Department Chairman of Music at Laney Community College and the author of other fine books on music theory, including Music Fundamentals published by Ardsley House Publishers of New York and the very successful best seller All About Chords. Dix Bruce, one of his students, produced the recordings that accompany the Ear Training series.

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