Ear Training Vol. III
Capturing the Basic Chord Sound Qualities by Elvo S. D’Amante, which includes over 290 minutes of downloadable lessons, studies and drills (4-CD set also included), is part of the comprehensive three volume,* 11-CD ear training course. This book and 4-CD set teaches students how chords are built and how to recognize each when played.

Graded drills prepare students to identify, sing, and play chords from basic triads, in all inversions, to more involved major, minor, dominant, and diminished chords. Imagine beaing able to identify a Cmaj7, a Abm7b5, a G dim by simply hearing it played!


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Additional Details

Ear Training Volume III teaches:

  • Capturing the Basic Chord Sound Qualities
  • Four Customary Triads Plus Two
  • Dominant-Related Triads
  • Intervals of the Seventh
  • Seventh Chords: Dominant 7; Major 7; Minor 7; Half-diminished 7; Fully-diminished 7
  • The Minor/Major 7
  • 7th Chord Inversions
  • 290 minutes of audio Lessons, Studies, and Drills.

Sample pages:
Ear Training Vol. III pages 2-3
Ear Training Vol. III pages 42-43

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Elvo S. D’Amante was the Department Chairman of Music at Laney Community College and the author of other fine books on music theory, including Music Fundamentals published by Ardsley House Publishers of New York and the very successful best seller All About Chords. Dix Bruce, one of his students, produced the recordings that accompany the Ear Training series.

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