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I’ve been writing music down for quite some time. Some of the pieces are original compositions, some are transcriptions from recordings, some are demonstrations of one technique or another. Many of the pieces have been published in one of my books, videos, or magazine articles or played on one the CDs I’ve recorded. Some have never been published before.

We’ll use this site to make many of them available to you in a downloadable and printable PDF file. Each will include standard notation, tablature, chord notation, and lyrics, if there are any. You may need to download a version of Adobe Acrobat, which is free, if your web browser does not support reading PDF files.

Over time we plan to make available a whole range of music from many styles. In fact, we’ll post samples of just about every book, video, and CD on the Musix web site plus pages from my own notebooks, tunes and techniques of interest, and a bunch of things that are just great fun to play. You know, this web site is probably a dangerous toy for me to have. It’s like my own personal magazine with no restraints on space! I’ve always wanted a practical way to share music and ideas and this may prove to be it! I’ve got a ton of great stuff I plan to post.

Dix Bruce

Downloads from The Parking Lot Picker’s Songbooks &
Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm:

Transposer Wheel
Capo Chart
Scale and Chord Chart

Fair and Tender Ladies (Flatpicking Guitar Magazine example)

Mandolin Music (PDF)

Sally Goodin
From: BackUP TRAX: Old Time & Fiddle Tunes

Kathi’s Waltz
From: My Folk Heart

Bluegrass Chime
From: Favorite Mandolin Picking Tunes

No Name Rag
From: You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin

Old Grey Mare melody
From: Mandolin Harmonics

Old Grey Mare harmony
From: Mandolin Harmonics

Bach Bouree duet
From: Mandolin Harmonics

Guitar Music (PDF)

Some of These Days
From: BackUP TRAX:
Early Jazz
& Hot Tunes

Sally Goodin
From: BackUP TRAX:
Old Time & Fiddle Tunes

Billy in the Lowground
From: Beginning Country Guitar Handbook

Sheik of Araby
From: Flatpicking Guitar magazine

John Hardy
From: Basic Country Flatpicking Guitar DVD

Sweet Sunny South
From: You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar

Miscellaneous Music (PDF)

Your Tone of the Blues
by Jim Nunally & from Dix & Jim’s CD
From Fathers to Sons

How Can You Treat Me So?
by Dix Bruce & from Dix & Jim’s CD
From Fathers to Sons

Something I Don’t Want to Know
by Jim Nunally & from Dix & Jim’s CD
The Way Things Are

I Cried, Cried, Cried
by Dix Bruce & from the In My Beautiful Dream CD by Dix & Jim

The New Waltz
by Dix Bruce

Nobody Sleeps at My Place
by Dix Bruce & from Dix & Jim’s CD
The Way Things Are

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