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Mandolin Harmonics by Dix Bruce

Collection of mandolin duets, melodies and harmonies (including tenor, baritone, and counterpoint) designed to be played by two and three mandolins. The text explains how to add a harmony part to a simple melody by analyzing the chord progression and melody.

Book/CD set. 

Additional Details

The tunes include a variety of Irish tunes and fiddle tunes, originals, and classical tunes. See list below. Also included is a tune discography, a general discography, and a selected bibliography.

Table of Contents:
Twinkle Little Star
The Golden Slippers
The Old Grey Mare
The Boys From Bluehill
Kathi’s Waltz
Black Eyed Susie
Lac du Mortes
The Cuckoo’s Nest
Old Joe Clark I
On Sekun Island
Shebeg & Sheemore
Dawg’s Pause
Old Joe Clark II
Banks of the Ohio
Redwing in C
Redwing in C-minor.