Several months back I posted an instructional video teaching the mandolin chords to that great song that everybody loves to listen to and to play, “Sweet Georgia Brown.” (Click here for the mandolin chord video.)

I’ve just posted a similar video for guitar where I teach the chords to the great pop and jazz standard in the keys of F and G. All of the chords are in “closed position,” without open string notes, so they’re moveable around the fingerboard and can each be used to make many different chords. Learn one chord form and you can play eight to ten more chords with the same fingering!

In the video we also define and discuss chord progressions that include the Cycle of Fifths, like “Sweet Georgia Brown,” and talk a bit about chord numbering. (Click here for the guitar chord video.)

You can find more info on these subjects in my “Gyspy Swing and Hot Club Rhythm Complete” books: Guitar Edition, Mandolin Edition, BackUP TRAX: Swing and Jazz,  and Mel Bay’s Rhythm Guitar Chord System.


Happy 2023!

Dix Bruce

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