Rhythm Guitar Chord System by Mel Bay. Commonly referred to as the “rhythm guitarist’s bible” this is THE chord method for basic swing and jazz chords, especially relevant for acoustic rhythm styles. The best, most complete chord system for basic swing and jazz rhythm guitar.


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This 48-page book from Mel Bay Publications, written by Mel himself, Rhythm Guitar Chord System, offers a systematic approach to learning all the important jazz chord forms by teaching four different voicings — and thus four different neck position choices — for each major, minor, major seven, dominant, and minor seven, flat five, augmented fifth, major and minor sixth, diminished, augmented, and all the ninth, eleventh and thirteenth chords!


Forms are identified by which part of the chord is in the bass (the root, three, five, seven, etc. of the chord). Forms are compared to show students relationships between similar chords: for example, how a major seven is changed to create a major sixth chord. Students end up learning all the important chord forms in four places on the neck and a heck of a lot about chord and music theory. Hands down the best primer on swing and jazz rhythm guitar. This inexpensive little book will teach you more than any 10 methods each costing much more. You’ll be swinging like Charlie Christian with Benny Goodman, Freddie Green with Count Basie, Django Reinhardt with Stephane Grappelli!

Great book, great price! Includes access to online video. 90:14 minutes