Tuxedo Blues: String Swing & Jazz by Dix Bruce

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Originals & classics from award-winning guitarist Dix Bruce with an incredibly swinging rhythm section of acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and bass. Add to this the hot lead playing of all the instrumentalists plus Bruce’s vocals and the mix is a hybrid of Django Reinhardt, Count Basie, and Dan Hicks. The music is high energy, the playing is superb, the grooves are infectiously swingy. Dix Bruce on guitar and vocals with the late great mandolinist/guitarist Bob Alekno; violinist David Balakrishnan; and bassist Mike Wollenberg.

Selections: “Skip It,” lyrics by Bruce to a melody by violin legend Stuff Smith; “Genevieve” a Latin-tinged string jazz composition; “Dawg’s Pause” named for Bruce’s mentor / friend David Grisman; “Richard Royal” a guitar ballad; “I Ain’t as Young as I Used to Be”; “Soldier’s Jah” a Latin-flavored piece based on fiddle tune “Soldier’s Joy”; “Django” the beautiful MJQ ballad; Jimmy Rushing’s “Evening”; B.B. King’s “Key to My Kingdom”; Clifford Brown & Wes Montgomery’s “Sandu,” with “The David Balakrishnan Jazz Fiddle Quintet”; and “High Heel Sneakers” the 1950s R & B classic recorded live at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall.

Tuxedo Blues is a hot good time!