I just posted three more short instructional videos, one each on guitar, bass, and mandolin. You can use the links below to view them. I’ll also add these links to the appropriate pages on the Musixnow website. I hope you find them useful.



Three More Short Instructional Videos

Rootin’ and Fivin’ for the Bass Dix Bruce explains the incredibly useful positions and locations of the “root” and the “five” on the bass. Know where these notes are located, play them well, and you’ll be able to work in dozens of of musical styles!

 A C Major Scale on Guitar Scales are the basic element from which just about all melodies are derived. If you want to play melodies on the guitar it makes sense to know how scales are constructed and how to play them. This video will get you started with a simple C major scale.

The Magic Mandolin Shape Hundreds of mandolin chords include what Dix Bruce calls The Magic Mandolin Shape. Hundreds more can be made by simply moving or modifying this basic shape. Unlock one of the most useful secrets of mandolin chords by identifying and understanding the The Magic Mandolin Shape.

Rootin’ ‘n’ Fivin’ on the Bass

 A C Major Scale on Guitar

The Magic Mandolin Shape

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