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This DVD teaches everything you need to know to get up and swinging on the mandolin! The main focus is on moveable chord forms and songs and helps you build a repertoire of each. The chords will come in handy in the jazz and swing style while the eight great songs you’ll learn are played by swing/jazz musicians all over the world.

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Learn at your own pace as Dix takes you through all the basics including the swing/jazz rhythm comp, turnarounds, info on music theory, diminished chords, transposing, basic chord substitutions, common swing/jazz chord progressions, and more. Play along with the DVD and learn each chord progression at both slow and regular speeds. Over 100 minutes of video instruction!

 You’ll learn:
• Closed position/moveable Swing & Jazz Chords
• The Swing Rhythm Comp (how to play with a swing/jazz feel)
• Chord Numbering (I vi ii V etc.) • Transposing Chords & Songs
• Basic Chord Substitutions & Alternate Chord Forms
• All about Diminished Chords
• Turnarounds
• Blues, Cycles of Fifths, ii V I Progressions
• 8 great Swing & Jazz Songs in several different keys!

Corrine, Corrina
Swing in Minor
Blues in Bb
The Sheik of Araby
After You’ve Gone
and chord progressions like:
Sweet Georgia Brown
Honeysuckle Rose