Parking Lot Picker’s Play-Along Mandolin by Dix Bruce. Book/downloadable audio set with 15 all time great bluegrass, old time, and gospel hits. Play along with a real Bluegrass band, practice and learn back up rhythm, leads, solos, vocals. We’ll jam all night long!

Book with downloadable audio. $19.99

If you’d also like a CD version of the audio, click below to order the CD. $6.00

Additional Details

  • Play along with a REAL bluegrass band on full length songs!
  • Learn to sing and play 15 great Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Gospel Songs from The Parking Lot Pickers’ Songbook!
  • Practice playing and singing some of the most played songs in Bluegrass music!
  • Learn and practice chord progressions, parts, and solos!
  • Includes mandolin tablature, chords, lyrics, solos,
  • Solos recorded at both slow and regular speeds!
  • Great for beginners and intermediates. We’ll be YOUR band and we’ll jam ALL night long!

Practice chords and rhythm, singing and lyrics, melodies, solos, licks, and backup playing along with a real band: Dix Bruce on guitar, mandolin, and vocals, Bill Evans on banjo and vocals, Julie Cline on vocals, and Cindy Browne on string bass. The songs are recorded just as they’re played at a jam session or performance, with introductions or kickoffs, vocals, back up parts and solos.

You’ll get to experience a real-world music situation and feel like you’re part of the band. You’ll play along (rhythm backup and/or leads) and sing along with the band, have a lot of fun, and learn as you do it. The band left open solo spaces in the recordings where they back you up so that you can play the chords, solos, and back up parts from the book, work up your own improvised solos, or sing the lyrics.

The 15 songs are all 100% “must know” selections from the legendary and mammoth Parking Lot Picker’s Songbook, (book and audio set) a collection of over 215 bluegrass, old time, and gospel songs. All the songs are recorded at two speeds: slow and regular tempo. No matter what your ability level is on the guitar, you can probably play along with us at one speed or the other. The recordings offer you the advantage of infinite repetition: work on a song, tune, solo, singing, or passage for hours, perfecting it without wearing out your band mates. The opportunities for advancing your skills while expanding your repertoire are unlimited. The book includes tablature, chords, solos and more. Aimed at beginners and intermediates. We’ll jam ALL night long!

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Sample Pages & Audio*:

Sample page: Bury Me Beneath the Willow

Sample page: Wildwood Flower Solo #3

Audio sample: Will the Circle be Unbroken slow

Audio sample: Will the Circle be Unbroken up-to-speed

Audio sample: Angeline the Baker slow

Audio sample: Angeline the Baker up-to-speed

Audio sample: Shady Grove slow

Audio sample: Shady Grove up-to-speed

*Note: We’ve shortened the audio examples to save space on our website. The full length slow and up-to-speed versions of each song are on the book’s accompanying CD. The band plays each song through several times with solos, vocals, and open spaces for you to fill with rhythm back up, leads, and solos. Each audio track is several minutes in length so you really get a good workout on each song or tune!

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Table of contents:
Scale, Chord, and Transposition Chart
Bury Me Beneath the Willow key of G
Bury Me Beneath the Willow solo
Bury Me Beneath the Willow backup
Going Down this Road Feeling Bad key of G
Going Down this Road Feeling Bad solo
Long Journey Home key of G
Long Journey Home solo
Long Journey Home backup
Old Joe Clark key of A
Old Joe Clark solo #1
Old Joe Clark solo #2
In the Pines key of D
In the Pines solo
In the Pines backup rhythm parts
Wildwood Flower key of C
Wildwood Flower solo #1
Wildwood Flower solo #2
Little Maggie key of B
Little Maggie solo
All the Good Times Are Past and Gone key of Bb
All the Good Times Are Past and Gone solo
All the Good Times Are Past and Gone backup part
Cripple Creek key of A
Cripple Creek solo
Angel Band key of G
Angel Band solo on verse
Angel Band backup
Angeline the Baker key of D
Angeline the Baker solo #1 (lower octave)
Angeline the Baker solo #2 (upper octave)
Nine Pound Hammer key of G
Nine Pound Hammer solo
Boil the Cabbage Down key of G
Boil the Cabbage Down solo
Shady Grove key of D minor or D minor modal
Shady Grove solo
Will the Circle Be Unbroken key of A
Will the Circle Be Unbroken solo
Will the Circle Be Unbroken backup
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