Make Your Fiddle Swing by Jeremy Cohen. The title pretty much says it all. Jeremy Cohen offers tips and exercises to help you get that swing feel in your fiddling. Along the way he teaches you fifteen jazz standards as you play along with a hot recorded band. You’ll also learn nineteen solos and ten duets! Jeremy Cohen’s 100-page book is packed cover to cover with information and fun.

Book/online audio. (See Table of Contents below.)


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“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute”-Moving from Classical to Jazz.

“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute”-Improvisation: Rhythmization

“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute” –Improvisation: Descending Chord Arpeggios

“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute”- Improvising: Ascending Chord Arpeggios

“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute”-Finger Pressure

“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute”-Vibrato

“Make Your Fiddle Swing Minute”-Working with the book and tracks.

Additional Details

Make Your Fiddle Swing is:

  • Designed for intermediate players of all styles
  • Explore ideas for expressing swinging rhythms with your bow arm
  • Tips on improvising and playing swing and jazz
  • Streamable play-along audio lets you play along with Jeremy and the band.

Play along with Jeremy and jam with the band: Dix Bruce-guitar, Jason Vanderford-guitar, Marty Eggers-string bass. We’ll jam all night long!

Multiple Grammy nominee Jeremy Cohen has traveled the world performing, recording, and teaching in numerous genres from classical to jazz, from rock to tango. A former student of Itzhak Perlman and Anne Crowden, Cohen has performed at international festivals and in concert halls for over thirty years. His touring string group, Quartet San Francisco, features his compositions and arrangements. He also tours with his jazz quartet, Violinjazz, and is co-author with Dix Bruce of the best-selling book “Swing-Jazz Violin.”

Table of Contents:
Getting Started
Practicing for Tempo
Important Terms and Tips
Symbols: Articulation, Dynamics, and Tempo
What makes music swing?
Right (Bow) Arm
Tips for relaxing your bow arm
Tips for your right hand bow grip
Left Hand and Arm
Finger pressure
Left thumb position
Left elbow position
Bow Use in Tripletted Swing Rhythms
What Is Improvisation?
Economy of Motion
Are you holding your instrument with tension?
Interpretation: Moving from Classical to Jazz
21st Century Blues – Craft an improvisation
Limehouse Blues
Interpretation of melody, Retake of the bow
St. James Infirmary – Tripletted swing bowing
Clouds and Shadows – Creating a lyrical line
Whispering – Positioning the fingers for accurate intonation
El Choclo – Rhythmic solidarity
Indiana – Right arm and bow coordination
Django’s Djazz Blues – Transpositions
Hooked bowings
Red Wing Swing
Bow use for long and short notes
Balance point and weight of the bow
Stumbling – Springy energy right hand and arm
Tiger Rag – Light and active bow arm and wrist
Jeremy’s Jamboree – Developing your own solos
Have Pity – Legato playing and long bow strokes
I Ain’t Got Nobody – Rhythmizing the melody
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Expressing solid time
Wrapping Things Up