Dix Bruce transcribed all the melodies, lyrics and chords to all the songs (13 official cuts as well as one bonus “mystery” cut) plus all of Jerry Garcia’s guitar solos and several of his backup parts presented in both standard notation and tablature.

It’s a great collection of Americana songs played and sung with wit, soul and sincerity. Learn to play them all!

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The mandolin book with David Grisman’s solos is also available! Click here.


1. Shady Grove
2. Stealin’
3. Off to Sea Once More
4. The Sweet Sunny South
5. Louis Collins
6. Fair Ellender
7. Jackaroo
8. Casey Jones
9. Dreadful Wind and Rain
10. I Truly Understand
11. The Handsome Cabin Boy
12 Whiskey in the Jar
13. Down in the Valley
14. Mystery Bonus track

Shady Grove: Acoustic Guitar Solos by Jerry Garcia

Review from Relix magazine, Oct/Nov 2001 by Steve Smugar

“…With the release of the ‘Shady Grove’ book, fans not just of Garcia, but of folk guitar in general, have an opportunity to learn — and cop — his guitar lines note for note. Transcription veteran Dix Bruce, a man with over 30 instructional books and videos under his belt, not to mention an accomplished musician and composer in his own right, undertook the task of putting those sounds on paper.

Like someone who thinks a manual is more suggested reading material than it is instructional scripture, I skipped straight to my pre-determined test drive — “Jackaroo” (a.k.a. “Jack-a-row”). With guitar and remote in hand, I cued up the track on my CD player. Several things became quickly apparent: 1) Jerry’s seemingly effortless lines belie their actual complexity; 2) I’m clearly better served in front of a computer than a microphone; and 3) with a little practice and patience, and Dix Bruce‘s help, you, too, can play… like Jerry Garcia.

One of the nice things about “Shady Grove” is that the book doesn’t just leave you to your own devices, giving you sheets of music and nothing more. Instead, each song has accompanying tips, tricks, pearls of wisdom that serve as a running commentary to help the reader better understand what Garcia is doing…Another nice touch is that on tracks such as “The Sweet Sunny South,” Dix transcribes Garcia’s banjo parts so we six-stringers don’t feel neglected.

… should appeal to players at just about any level. For beginners, who are likely to be concentrating on learning songs in general, “Shady Grove” is a resource they can grow into, learning the chord progressions and overall feel of the songs at first, and later tackling the lead lines when they’re ready. Those who will find the most utility in the book, however, will be intermediate players looking to bolster their lead skills, as well as more advanced players who wish to expand their repertoire to include folk and bluegrass lines.”

Review from Dirty Linen magazine, Oct/Nov 2001
by Michael Parrish

“ambitious…offers a revealing, and relatively accessible, point of entry for those wanting to gain familiarity with Garcia’s…playing.”

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