Beginning Country Guitar Handbook by Dix Bruce.

Teaches the basics of flatpicking country guitar: chording, backup, bass runs, leads, bluegrass picking, lead flatpicking, introductory music theory, soloing and improvisation, backing up singers, how to use a capo, how to transpose and much more.

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Additional Details

Virtually every aspect of beginning country, bluegrass and folk flatpicking is covered in this 104-page book & CD set. The stereo CD demonstrates every song, strum and lick from the book at both slow and regular tempo. You can practice and jam along with the split-track audio and by adjusting the balance of your stereo, you can hear just backup or just lead while you practice rhythm, leads and soloing! You can easily isolate either part for extensive study. It’s a wonderful way to learn, by teaching yourself at your own speed!


Table of Contents
Eighteen great selections, (seven of them fiddle tunes arranged for guitar), including:
Worried Man Blues
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Late Last Night
Corrina, Corrina
New River Train
Under the Double Eagle
I Never Will Marry
Salt Creek
Sally Johnson
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Arkansas Traveller
Billy in the Lowground
Sally Goodin
Beaumont Rag and Temperance Reel

Reviews and comments:
“…an excellent job…contains a wealth of information… hits home with basic suggestions for holding the pick, who to listen to, what to listen for, and (offers) good common sense…well worth it just for the simple theory he presents.” (Singout)

“A thorough, clearly written book that if followed will produce a competent flatpicker. Especially helpful is the accompanying tape. I heartily recommend this book and tape.” (Bluegrass Breakdown)


Note: “The Beginning Country Guitar Handbook” and “You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar” book and CD sets cover different material and topics: “You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar” is written especially for beginners with little or no guitar experience who want to learn chords and techniques used in current popular Country music. “The Beginning Country Guitar Handbook” focuses on lead and accompaniment flatpicking and is aimed at players who know some chords and strums and who are interested in learning bluegrass and old time backup and flatpicked lead guitar. “The Beginning Country Guitar Handbook” was originally titled “Flatpicking Handbook” but was changed to its current title by the publisher.