Basic Swing Guitar by Dix Bruce

(Guitar Workshop DVD GW 309)

Swing and Jump Swing music has enjoyed a phenomenal popular resurgence in the last few years. Both modern and classic bands build their sound on swinging guitar rhythm. Dix Bruce will teach you all the basics that you need to play this fun and energetic music.

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Additional Details

  • Moveable closed position chords in many keys
  • How to get that “swing feel”
  • How to back up a soloist
  • Seven classic swing tunes in several keys
  • Right and left hand technique, and much more

Learn eight carefully chosen and well-known songs that every swing musician plays. Dix starts you off with easy-to-learn two and three chord songs and gradually works through some of the greatest hits of the era with more advanced chord changes in the keys of G, A minor, F, Bb, and Ab. By the end of the session you’ll know moveable swing & jazz chord forms and be able transpose thousands of songs to any key! You’ll have the confidence and basic tools to play with any swing or jazz band.

Sample songs/pages from DVD:
Sweet Georgia Brown
Minor Swing

Dix Bruce is a well-known musician and music educator who has authored over fifty books and recordings. For the past thirty years he has toured and recorded with San Francisco’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra.

He is joined on this video by the exceptional jazz violinist Jeremy Cohen for a hot, swinging, full performance of each song. Great music, great instruction!

Take Me Back to Tulsa
Minor Swing
Careless Love
Sweet Georgia Brown
Honeysuckle Rose
Blues in Bb #1
Blues in Bb #2
Rose Room
I Got Rhythm.

“…one of the best introductory pieces for guitarists anxious to move beyond open chords. Highly recommended…” Flatpicking Guitar mag.

Customer comment on “Basic Swing Guitar” DVD:

I just got your Basic Swing Guitar DVD.  Great video, so thanks for doing it.  I’ve been fooling around with that stuff for years, without really getting too far.  You illustrate a lot in those tunes on the video, and it makes sense.  I’ve known the chords for 20 years, but just hadn’t seen anyone explain and show how they fit together until now.
Thanks for your help.
DV, Anoka, MN”

“…I just bought your Basic Swing Guitar DVD and some play-along books and I wanted to say thanks man! You are great, and I have been searching for learning material that covers the hot jazz genre. I am actually a swing dancer and tour the world teaching people how to dance to this kind of music. It has always been a dream of mine to leran to start playing it and I finally started about a month ago.