Basic Country Flatpicking Guitar
(Guitar Workshop DVD GW 308)
DVD by Dix Bruce

Learn everything you need to know to play guitar solos in the Carter style.

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Hot guitar licks abound these days but simple melodies played along with chord strums on the low strings of the guitar have never lost their appeal. Pioneered in the 1920s by the great Mother Maybelle Carter, this combination of lead and rhythm guitar playing is the foundation upon which all traditional country, folk, bluegrass, and hot flatpicking guitar is based.

Dix Bruce, noted acoustic guitarist and teacher, carefully teaches lead and backup guitar to nine classic country, bluegrass, and folk standards, ballads and hot breakdowns played by musicians the world over. Dix demonstrates the basic “bass note/strum” technique and shows how melodies can be easily integrated into known chord patterns. Master leads on “Worried Man Blues,” “Lonesome Valley,” “Bury Me Beneath the Willow,” “Storms are on the Ocean,” and “Handsome Molly” in a variety of different keys. You’ll also learn the all-time guitar hit “Wildwood Flower” and how to transpose it from the key of G to the key of C. Dix demonstrates more complex leads on “Redwing,” “John Hardy,” “Jimmie Brown the Newsboy” and more on the invaluable skill of transposing a song from one key to another. The instruction in this video will prepare you to play flatpicked leads in virtually any country, folk, and bluegrass ensemble.

Sample page of music from this DVD: “John Hardy.”

Video sample of “Worried Man Blues.”

Worried Man Blues
Lonesome Valley
Handsome Molly
Wildwood Flower
Bury me Beneath the Willow
The Storms are on the Ocean
John Hardy
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy

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