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BackUp Trax: Traditional Jazz & Dixieland by Dix Bruce. Play along with the band and learn 16 of the most popular and important tunes and chord progesssions in the Traditional Jazz/Dixieland style! If you’re looking for a basic primer on the Trad Jazz and Dixieland, this is it! Perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros who want to practice with a hot band. You play along while the band backs you up. It’s tons of fun to jam! Book/CD set. Separate editions for each instrument.

Concert Edition: Concert Edition is for piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo, and other “concert” or “C” instruments.

Bb Edition: Bb edition is for trumpet, cornet, tenor sax, and other “Bb” instruments.

Eb Edition: Eb Edition is for alto sax, and other “Eb” instruments.

Bass Edition: Bass Edition is for tuba, bass, and other “bass” instruments.


Additional Details

Excellent introduction to the Traditional Jazz style for beginners, great opportunity for more experienced players to perfect their art. You’ll love blowing Traditional Jazz and Dixieland along with the band and have a great time learning melodies and practicing soloing & improvising along with the rhythm section from San Francisco’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra: Dix Bruce – guitar & banjo; Jeff Wells – bass & tuba; Steve Apple – drums; Frederick Hodges – piano; plus With Kent Mikasa – cornet.

Students play all the leads while the band backs them up. Beginners can practice basic skills while more advanced players can hone their improvisation chops, each at their own individual learning pace.

Melodies are first presented on the recording at a slow speed with just piano, then each is repeated at regular speed with the band. Split track mixing on the recording allows the student to hear just the melody (while reading along in the book) or just the rhythm section, or both for maximum flexibility and specific study. Finally the band plays several choruses and the student plays all the leads. Songs may be repeated, at slow or regular speed, as many times as the student wishes in order to perfect phrases, melodies and solos in a band context. Potential for improvement is unlimited.

When the Saints Come Marching In
Down By the Riverside
St. James Infirmary
Make Me A Pallet on Your Floor
Just a Closer Walk With Thee
St. Louis Blues
Frankie and Johnny
Bill Bailey
Ballin’ the Jack
Plus seven etudes to the chord progressions of popular trad standards like: I’ve Found A New Baby, I Got Rhythm, Ja-Da, Indiana, Has Anybody Seen My Gal?