If you live in the USA:

Priority Mail: Priority Mail is the fastest option. It usually takes between two and three business days to arrive on average. (The 2-3 day delivery time is not guaranteed. If you need a guaranteed delivery, email us at contact@musixnow.com to ask about Express Mail.)

If your order is under 16 oz., it can be shipped for the minimum Priority Mail flat rate, which is currently $8.95. Most of our book/CD sets can be sent at the Priority Mail flat rate. (For book/CD sets like “Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm” we can often ship two sets for the flat rate price.)

If your order weighs over 16 oz., the Priority Mail rate is calculated by both weight and how far the package has to travel. Our shopping cart will calculate the amount based on where you live. (For example, a two pound package shipped to Palo Alto, CA, will cost $9.25. The same package shipped to Jacksonville, FL will cost over $16.10.)

First Class Mail: If your order weighs just a few ounces, for example our Dawg Picks, we send it via First Class Mail. First Class Mail usually takes around three days to arrive. For slightly faster service, you can select Priority Mail.

Media Mail: Media Mail is restricted to sending only printed matter such as books, CDs, DVDs, etc. Regular merchandise (such as Dawg Picks) may not be mixed with books, CDs or DVDs. Media Mail is much less expensive than First Class or Priority mail: currently only $3.49 for the first pound. Media Mail usually takes about 7- 10 days to two weeks to arrive.

If you live in Canada:

We ship items to Canada via International First Class Mail. The cost is based on the weight. Please choose “Canada” as the shipping choice.

If you live outside the USA/Canada:

BEFORE placing your order, please email us at contact@musixnow.com for shipping information. We usually ship via International First Class Mail. Tell us which items you want, and we’ll email you an invoice to let you know what the total charges will be and how to submit your payment. We will also confirm that first class mail is available in your location, since service has been suspended in some countries due to the pandemic and other delays.

If you have questions on shipping, please e-mail us: contact@musixnow.com.