The Music of Django Reinhardt by Stan Ayeroff. Incredible collection of transcriptions (in notation only, no TAB) of the recorded solos of the legendary Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Precise transcriptions of Django’s classic recordings, as well as a thorough musical analysis of each.


Additional Details

Massive 272-page book along with a complete “how to” section that explains how Django played each solo. The book contains some of Django’s best work. It covers a period of 17 years, from his first trio and quintet recordings to one of his last bop-influenced sessions, “Live at the Club St. Germain.” Multiple versions of many solos (I, II, III, IV, V, etc.) are included to show Djangos’ musical development over his long career.

Studying the music of the master of Gypsy Jazz can help lay a solid foundation for your own sound and style. See the complete listing of transcribed solos below. Includes standard musical notation but no tablature. 


Tiger Rag I
After You’ve Gone I
Tiger Rag II
Avalon I
Swannee River I
Swannee River II
The Sheik of Araby I
Avalon II
Some of These Days
St. Louis Blues I
Limehouse Blues I
After You’ve Gone II
Limehouse Blues II
Hot Lips
Rose Room
Runnin’ Wild
The Sheik of Araby II
Limehouse Blues III
Japanese Sandman I
St. Louis Blues II
Baby Won’t You Please Come Home I
Baby Won’t You Please Come Home II
Farewell Blues
My Melancholy Baby I
Limehouse Blues IV
Japanese Sandman II
My Melancholy Baby II
Tiger Rag III
My Melancholy Baby III
Japanese Sandman III
Limehouse Blues V
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody
Margie I
Tiger Rag IV
Dark Eyes I
Improvisation on Tiger Rag V
The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
After You’ve Gone III
Dark Eyes II
St. Louis Blues III
Darktown Strutter’s Ball
Margie II