Master Anthology of Mandolin Solos. Unbelievable collection of music from the greatest mandolinists in the world! Grisman, Wakefield, Burns, Bush, Gimble, Thile, Bibbey, M. Marshall, E. Marshall, Zenkl, Bullock, O’Brien, Stecher, Reischman, and many more! (See complete listing below.) Printed music includes melodies, chords, etc., in standard notation and tablature (except some of the classical pieces which have no tab). Styles range from old time to bluegrass to classical to jazz. A wonderful collection of inspiring music played by the world’s finest. Great for listening, playing along and learning. Downloadable audio included.


Available by special order only.  Please send an email for information. 

Table of Contents:

Aonzo, Carlo: Reuben Sandwich; Austen, Seth: Brighton Beach Waltz; Baldassari, Butch: What’s Doin’; Bancalari, Robert: Presto; Bell, Ray: Largo Vivaldi; Benson, Wayne: Sally Ann; Bibey, Alan: Gordon McGregor; Bruce, Dix: Kathi’s Waltz, The Wayfaring Stranger, Minuet #4; Bullock, Robin: Brew House Reel; Burns, Jethro: Jethro’s Tune: Bush, Sam: Cloverleaf Rag; Carr, Joe: Hearts and Flowers; Cochran, Mickey: Dill Pickle Rag; DelGrosso, Rich: Maxwell Street Blues; Eidson, Ken: Brandenburg Concerto #2, Mary’s Rag, Bale of Hay Rag; Erbsen, Wayne: Fisher’s Hornpipe; Flinner, Matt: Black’s Fork; Gelo, Dan: Angel Dance; Gimble, Johnny: Mandolopin’; Grisman, David: Turn of the Century, Song for Two Pamelas; Haines, Rob: Golden Slippers; Hakala, Petri: Swingin’ Bridge; Haynie, Aubrey: Tobacco Patch; Hayth, Eugene: Chinese Break Down, Soldier’s Joy; Hokkanen, Niles: Saint Anne’s Reel; Karasik, Ely: Southern Complexion; Kaufman, Steve: Softly and Tenderly; Kriehn, Richard: Waiting On You; Lichtenberg, Caterina: Concerto 1, Op. 113 (Marziale); Marshall, Evan: Non Ti Scordar Di Me; Marshall, Mike: Hot Nickels; Mayor, Simon: The Dark and Slender Boy; McGann, John: Shetland Jumper Medley; Moon, Clyde: Blackberry Blossom; Moore, Chris: Belfast; Tim O’Brien: Ireland’s Green Shores; Orr, Bud: Mandolin Joy; Pender, Terry: The Brooklyn Waltz; Peters, Dave: Dark Eyes; Provenza, Charlie: Whiskey Before Breakfast; Reischman, John: Choro for Shadow; Ryan, Jimmy: Little Sadie; Scales, Jozef: The Peddler; Stecher, Jody: Sally Goodin’; Thile, Chris: Pan Handle Rag; Valla, Ray: Beaumont Rag; Wakefield, Frank: Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player #16; Williamson, Tony: Mr. Ambassador; Zenkl, Radim: Twin Peaks