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Mandolin Licks-ercises by Dix Bruce

Licks, Tunes, and Exercises for Beginning and Intermediate Players.
Mandolin Licks-ercises
Taught by Dix Bruce • 120 minutes • Includes music and tab file on DVD to view or print.

Improving your mandolin technique does not have to employ mind-numbing drills and exercises. Dix Bruce shows you licks, solos, kick-offs, endings, and complete tunes that will hone your skills. Even near beginners can use these exercises in real life playing situations.

Dix’s well thought out, step-by-step method uses Homespun's traditional Licks-ercises concept. Starting with simple “call and response” phrases, Dix outlines “Nine Pound Hammer” and “More Pretty Girls Than One” using a plethora of variations on fill-in licks.

After a brief foray into basic music theory and scales, you’ll learn the well-loved “Amazing Grace,” played in closed position of (i.e. no open strings) so you can move it to ANY key up and down the neck. This will help you learn to move ANY melody, solo, tune, or lick to ANY key you wish!

Dix also demonstrates and discusses “magic chord shapes,” double stops, and other important concepts that will help make you a better, more musical player. As the lesson progresses, you’ll also build arrangements for “All the Good Times are Past and Gone,” “In the Pines,” “Will the Circle be Unbroken,” and other Bluegrass and old-time classics.

Dix Bruce has been playing and teaching mandolin for decades and he knows how to get his concepts across to all players. This San Francisco Bay area musician and writer has authored over fifty instructional books, recordings and DVDs. Including the popular “Parking Lot Picker's Songbooks” and “Gypsy Swing and Hot Club
Rhythm.” Dix performs and does studio work on guitar, mandolin, bass, and banjo, and was the editor of “Mandolin World News” from 1978 to 1984. He has released four CDs with guitarist Jim Nunally and one with singer and mandolinist Julie Cline entitled “Look At It Rain.” Dix arranged, composed and performed on the soundtracks to four different editions of the best selling computer game, “The Sims.”

Mandolin Licks-ercises by Dix Bruce $27.95 ($29.95 list) Add $2.00 for First Class Mail (5 to 6 days); $6.65 for Priority Mail (two to three business days).


Mandolin Licks-ercises by Dix Bruce is also available as a video download. Click here for info and to purchase.

Customer comment:

Hi Dix,
I have recently purchased your mandolin exercises DVD from Homespun and it is providing me with a completely different set of insights into the instrument…thank you.

R. H.
W. Australia

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