International Accordion Favorites Waltzes, Polkas, Tangoes, Hornpipes, Two-steps and more!
by Bruce Bollerud

This collection contains a sampling of ethnic folk music from Europe and the Americas and forms the foundation of a basic folk accordion repertoire. Guaranteed crowd pleasers that are fun to play. They have stood the test of time, so what are you waiting for? Open the book, get your accordion out and let’s play some music! 74-page book with downloadable audio.


Additional Details

Welcome to the world of international accordion music! Every song can be heard on the downloadable audio, 33 songs in all, from Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, Russia, Poland, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Argentina, and the good old USA.

No accordion player will want to miss this collection of ethnic tunes sure to please any audience. Must know tunes include: “Wir Gehen nach Lindenau,” “Have Pity Waltz,” “Francuzka Polka,” “Cielito Linda,” “Life in the Finnish Woods,” “Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland,” and many more. (See complete songlist below.)

Author Bruce Bollerud was born and raised on a farm in southwestern Wisconsin. Bruce was introduced to music at an early age when he attended house parties in the neighborhood with his family. He began to play the bandonion, a concertina-like instrument, at age 10. Soon he was playing house parties and backing up local musicians. He began to play piano accordion when he was 15. He has played with midwestern old time dance bands that featured the full range of music mentioned above.

Table of Contents:
Wir Gehen nach Lindenau
Kukavica Waltz
The Band Played On
Hank’s Swiss Waltz in C
La Golondrina
Helena Polka
Goldie’s Waltz
Hava Nagila
Have Pity Waltz
Francuzka Polka
Cielito Lindo
Scratch Your Nose Polka
The Jolly Woodchopper
The Repasz Band
Forest Flower Waltz
El Rancho Grande
The Finska Waltz
La Paloma
Life in the Finnish Woods
Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland
Barbara Polka
Under the Double Eagle
The Saturday Night Waltz
El Choclo
Turkey in the Straw
Soldier’s Joy
Selma’s Waltz
Devil’s Dream
Herman’s Swiss Waltz in A
The Clarinet Polka