Includes a variety of rhythm guitar techniques that ANY guitarist can use to improve their playing.

You will learn:
• 8 useful strum patterns PLUS
• 6 strum patterns with bass runs
• Strum dynamics and technique
• How to use strum patterns in songs
• Capoing tips
• Fretting economy
• How and when to use strums as accents


Additional Details

Taught by world-renowned guitarist Jim Nunally, this DVD will help improve your bluegrass, folk, or country rhythm. Each strum is demonstrated slowly and precisely. Completely accessible for all levels, with video production that enhances the experience. For all levels of Folk, Rock, Country, and Bluegrass guitarists seeking to expand their strumming repertoire.

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Watch seven vintage videos (posted in early 2020) of Jim Nunally performing, playing and singing with Dix Bruce. Click here for information on each video plus links.