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Books and book/CD sets:

Bluegrass Breaks: Guitar

The Bluegrass Breaks: Guitar book/recording set is a varied collection of 23 solos in a range of styles and levels of difficulty. It's aimed at advanced beginners and intermediates.

Luggage Tags

Just what every musician, singer, or recording engineer needs to uniquely identify their instrument cases, luggage, and other stuff.

Parking Lot Picker’s Play-Along Guitar

Book/CD set with 15 all time great bluegrass, old time, and gospel hits recorded in play-along style. Play-along, practice and learn back up rhythm, leads, solos, vocals. We’ll jam all night long!

All Time Favorite Parking Lot Picker’s Guitar Solos

43 guitar solos of All-Time Favorite Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Gospel Songs! Aimed at beginning and intermediate guitarists, this book is packed with songs, solos, and techniques that every guitar player should know. Carter style solos, back up guitar parts, crosspicking solos, harmony parts, fiddle tunes for guitar, & much more!

Old-Time Gospel Crosspicking Guitar Solos
by Dix Bruce

30 of the most popular and best loved traditional Gospel Songs arranged as Crosspicking Guitar Solos! Book plus play-along CD. Complete downloadable, illustrated, full-color lyrics booklet!

The Art of Rhythm Guitar, Vol 2: Walks and Runs DVD by Jim Nunally explores 40 great runs and walks that any guitarist can use to improve his or her rhythm guitar playing.
Christmas Crosspicking
Solos for Guitar

31 arrangements of the most popular and best-loved traditional Christmas songs for
crosspicking guitar. Book plus play-along CD. Additional downloads are included for free!
Christmas Favorites for
Solo Guitar
by Dix Bruce.
Learn great flatpicking solos on 30 wonderful Christmas and Holiday tunes!
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Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm II for Guitar. Learn 12 MORE great Gypsy Swing/Hot Club standards in the style of Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and The Quintette of the Hot Club of France.
Strings, string winders, electric instrument cords, bottleneck slides, leather instrument straps
Dix Bruce’s Guide to the Capo DVD teaches you everything you need to know about using a capo. You'll learn basic music theory that explains how the capo works and why. You’ll learn all the fundamentals of placing several different styles of capos on both acoustic and electric guitars and special capoing techniques including how to use a “partial capo” to simulate an alternate tuning, how to use two capos on one guitar, and how to use capos on two different guitars at different positions when you play in a duo or band. Great for guitarists of all levels.
The Art of Rhythm Guitar DVD by Jim Nunally. Rhythm guitar techniques that ANY folk, rock, country, or bluegrass guitarist can use to improve their playing.
Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm for Guitar
book/CD set by Dix Bruce. Learn chords, melodies, lyrics, how to play rhythm and more on 12 great standards recorded by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. Learn while jamming with the recorded band!
Customer comment:

Mr. Bruce,

I have worked through your Teach Yourself Country Guitar book and it is great. I've also worked through a couple of articles you've written. You are a very good teacher, and I thank you for the wit, humor and technical info in your book.

I've played for over 40 years now (I started at 15), but I've only really tried to improve my playing in the last couple of years. I really love flatpicking now. I play at nursing homes, and at church, and I want to get good enough to play instrumentals, as well as songs (I have a few -such as Black Mountain Rag- mastered) . . . I hope to be able to attend one of your concerts (either just you, or you with Mr. Nunnaly) in the near future. live in a Pittsburgh suburb.


P.W., PA

Parking Lot Picker's Songbook for Guitar book/2CD set
“Must have" collection of over 215 great Bluegrass, Old Time, Country, and Gospel standards includes two CDs with recordings of EVERY song from the 300 page plus book. Learn to play songs written and recorded by the giants of traditional American music: Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, The Osborne Brothers, Jimmy Martin, Doc Watson, and many more.
Shady Grove:
Jerry Garcia solos
You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar
From simple chords & strum patterns to hot backups and leads
String Band Classics: Guitar
23 Great Old Time Classics with TAB
Need Guitar accessories?
Guitar Strings
Guitar Straps
Glass Bottle Slides
Instrument cords
Dawg Picks
Guitar Strings
EJ 17s
Make your guitar
sound its best
BackUP Trax:
Swing & Jazz

Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on Jazz from the 1930s & 40s while jamming with a great band!
Beginning Country Guitar Handbook
Method with all the basics of flatpicking from rhythm to leads.
Basic Blues for Guitar

Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on all types of Blues while jamming with a great band!
The Music of Django Reinhardt
Transcriptions of some of the greatest recorded solos of the legendary Gypsy jazz guitarist.
Guide to the Capo, Transposing, & The Nashville Numbering System
This book explains the theory of it all.
BackUP Trax:
Trad. Jazz & Dixieland

Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on tunes from traditional jazz & Dixieland while jamming with a great band!
BackUP Trax: Early Jazz& Hot Tunes
Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on Jazz from the 1920s & 30s while jamming with a great band!
Manuscript Book
Write down your musical thoughts, ideas and solos & keep them in one safe place.
Rhythm Guitar Chord System
If you want to play swing & jazz rhythm, you MUST know these chords.
Dawg Picks
Plastic plectrums that look, feel, play and sound like fine tortoise shell!
All About Chords
Learn how chords are made, changed and named.
Ear Training, Vol 1-3
Train your ears to hear, scales, intervals, melodies, & chords.
Guitar Method, Vol. 1
Basic text that teaches note reading on the guitar

Videos & DVDs:

Basic Country Flatpicking Guitar
Learn Carter-style lead guitar solos on several songs in several keys.
Basic Swing Guitar
Teaches all the chords, songs, & techniques you need to start playing Swing Guitar.
Guide to the Capo
All the fundamentals of placing several different styles of capos on both acoustic and electric guitars. Great for guitarists of all levels.

You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar DVD
From simple chords & strum patterns to hot backups and leads.
You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar Video
From simple chords & strum patterns to hot backups and leads.
Compact Discs:
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