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Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally Complete
by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally (Musix CD 104, 105,106,111)
All 4 original CDs:
From Fathers to Sons • The Way Things Are
In My Beautiful Dream • Brothers at Heart

56 great songs
You save 20 bucks! (Regular price of all four CDs: $60.00)

From Fathers To Sons: Rollin’ On, Wildwood Flower, How Can You Treat Me So?, My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It, Foggy Mountain Special, Darling Nelly Gray, Flat Seven Medley, Your Tone Of The Blues, Soldier’s Joy, The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me, Tenessee Waltz, The Leaving Of Liverpool, The Crawdad Song, Beaumont Rag, Rosalee Of Old Kentucky, Home Sweet Home.

That’s The Way Things Are: Folsom Prison Blues. The Way Things Are, Darling Will You Ever Think Of Me, Something I Don’t Want To Know, Pretty Boy Floyd, I Get Blue, Nobody Sleeps At My Place, She’s Gonna Say Bye Bye, Darling, You’re A Fool, Home’s Where I Long To Be, Sally Goodin, Way Out In The Jungle, When I Die.

In My Beautiful Dream: In My Beautiful Dream, Tell Me Why You Love Him So, Give My Heart A Rest, I Cried, Cried, Cried, My Baby’s Gone, Gonna Walk, Hillbilly Boy, You Don’t Care About Me, So In Love, North Country Blues, I Told Them All About You, You Can’t Catch Me.

Brothers at Heart: Reuben’s Train, Dark Hollow, I’m Going Back To Old Virginny, Eight More Miles To Louisville, The Banks Of The Ohio, Think Of What You’ve Done, Poppies, Railroad Bill, The Golden Slippers, Jimmie Brown The Newsboy, Sitting On Top Of The World, Beautiful Brown Eyes, I’ll Love Nobody But You, Mike’s Marathon, I’m On My Way, But I’ll Be Back Someday.

Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally Complete” by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally, special 4-CD price: $40.00.(Shipping: Media Mail $3.18, Priority Mail $7.50)

“Look at it Rain”
by Dix Bruce & Julie Cline (Musix CD 110)

“Look at it Rain,” Dix and Julie first CD recording (Musix CD 110) is available now at a special new release price: $14.00 postage paid. Click the links below to hear audio samples.

Little Birdie, Making Believe, Take This Hammer, I Get Blue, There’s More Pretty Girls Than One, Fair and Tender Ladies, Shady Groves, Darling, Will You Ever Think of Me?, Look at it Rain, The Banks of the Ohio, Just Someone I Used to Know, Pretty Polly, Frogs for Snakes, I Am a Pilgrim, Where the Soul Never Dies.

“Look at it Rain” by Dix Bruce & Julie Cline, Special price :$12.00 (Add $1.32 for first class postage).

Special Offer!

Buy both Dix & Jim's two newest CDs, "Brothers at Heart" and "In My Beautiful Dream," and we'll pay the postage! You save $3.00.

"Brothers at Heart" and "In My Beautiful Dream" by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally, $28.00 (postage included).

“Brothers at Heart”
by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally (FGM CD 111)

Jim & Dix's newest collection, "Brothers at Heart" includes fifteen of their favorite songs and tunes, most of them traditional, a couple originals, performed in the "brother duet" style. If you love simple and straight forward singing and picking you will surely want to get a copy.

Preview short audio clips of the songs shown in bold type below by clicking title:

1. Reuben's Train; 2. Dark Hollow; 3. I'm Going Back to Old Virginny; 4. Eight More Miles to Louisville; 5. The Banks of the Ohio; 6. Think of What You've Done; 7. Poppies; 8. Railroad Bill; 9. The Golden Slippers; 10. Jimmie Brown the Newsboy; 11. Sitting on Top of the World; 12. Beautiful Brown Eyes; 13. I'll Love Nobody But You; 14. Mike's Marathon; 15. I'm on My Way, But I'll Be Back Someday

Critical Comments on "Brothers at Heart" and Dix & Jim:

"Flatpicking aficionados should find themselves thoroughly engaged by this tribute to the classic brother-duet style of acoustic country music. The material spans the traditional and newly composed and the singing is warm and inviting, but it's the guitar playing that's most intriguing. Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally are fine pickers whose approaches are very different yet complementary. Nunally is an amazingly economical player, coaxing every bit of music out of a fingerboard position, while Bruce's approach is more di- atonic and melody-driven. This combination of contrasts makes Brothers at Heart a fascinating lesson in diverse ways of interpreting a song on the guitar."

Sue Thompson-"Acoustic Guitar Magazine"

"Bluegrass duet albums are rare treasures. Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally, guitarists of unsurpassed renown have completed a delightful "two voice-two guitar" album that bruises the bottom of the listener's jaw. The mood is relaxed, the musicianship confident but not showy. Paying homage to the "brother" stylings of yesteryear, this California-based duo performs many songs that have long been treasured as well as several with less familiarity. Among the latter would be "Poppies," a song of honour and remembrance and "The Golden Slippers," the 19th Century number that has been performed by many though rarely as here. In the former, renditions of "Reuben’s Train" and "Dark Hollow" are always welcome. "The Banks of the Ohio," presented instrumentally, sheds the tragedy of the lyrics while highlighting the elegant melody.

Their voices weave through and over each other' tastefully, blending where they should while shadowing each other at other times. The playful original "Mike’s Marathon" allows the musicians to breakout a bit and display that they can fire off the flashy licks as well as anyone in the business. One will be hard pressed to find more adept, clean bluegrass guitar playing than that found here.

Donald Teplyske-"That High Lonesome Sound"

"I'm really impressed with the music that the two of you are now making. You just seem to get better and better as time goes on. I appreciate the respect that you give to older country music and the people who created it. Yet while you demonstrate your affection for older music, and exhibit your indebtedness, you nevertheless make the music sound fresh and timeless. It is rare to find two young men, who are not brothers, achieve the blend and compatibility that is associated with the music of the Brother Duets. The good spirits and warm exchanges that characterize your stage performances are easily transmitted to your listeners. It reminds me of the sweet camaraderie that existed among the members of the Goose Island Ramblers. Dix, you learned from the masters, and it shows! And, by the way, you guys sure can play!

Bill C. Malone, professor emeritus of history at Tulane University, author of "Country Music, U.S.A."; "Southern Music/American Music"; "Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers"; "Don’t Get Above Your Raisin'" and more. Host of "Back to the Country," WORT-FM (89.9) Madison, WI.

"...Am really enjoying "Brothers at Hear" in a big way...thanks! Not only are they "Brothers at Heart," but Jim and Dix also qualify as"Brothers in Soul and Spirit!" as well...their many years of mutual love for the genre really shows in this exceptional project. Methinx that folks at the Country Music Hall if Fame better start thinking about adding a new line on the 'Country Duets' Hall of Honor plaque!"

Ray Edlund
"Pig in a Pen"
Berkeley, Ca.

"Brother duets are one of the purest forms of music; two voices, two instruments and many of the top bluegrass acts have featured this format: the Monroe Brothers, Reno and Smiley and Jim and Jesse are just a few. Dix Bruce and Jim Nunnally have very busy careers with other bands and projects but when they get together their voices and guitars naturally blend. Many of the classic songs included here are jam session standards, and listeners will appreciate the duo's version of "Dark Hollow," "Eight More Miles to Louisville," "I'm Sitting On Top of the World" and "Jimmie Brown the Newsboy." Since Flatpicking Guitar magazine produced this album, it's no surprise that twin guitars are featured on many of the cuts. Jim and Dix's intricate arrangements show the scope of the guitar sound with melodic licks punctuated with powerful strums and rhythm. Guitarists interested in hearing and learning vocal accompaniment styles will find this album very useful. Two instrumentals on the album show the robust sound of two guitars. "Banks of the Ohio" is very melodic while "Golden Slippers" has more of an upbeat, dance tune feel. An album highlight is Jim's song using Wilma van Peski's poem, "Poppies." The tribute to fallen soldiers was written after World War I, but it has a message that rings true in today's times. Definitely a classic album in the making and one that will be a welcome one in your collection. B. Hough Northern California Bluegrass Society Review

"Brothers at Heart" CD $14.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

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"In My Beautiful Dream"
by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally (Musix CD 106)

"In My Beautiful Dream" showcases Dix & Jim's songwriting talents — eight of the twelve selections are originals, including the title song (composed by Jim) — along with the duo’s acclaimed duet singing ("They sound like the Everly Brothers…with a lot more nitty gritty" - Flatpicking Guitar magazine) and hot guitar playing ("…west coast virtuosos…" - Acoustic Musician magazine).

"In My Beautiful Dream" is the duo’s third CD release of Americana-styled music built around their tight vocal harmonies and the sound of their two acoustic Martin guitars. Their style is simple and direct, based on the sounds and themes of traditional American music. Echoes of folk, bluegrass, and country resonate throughout "In My Beautiful Dream" as Dix and Jim draw from these roots to create their own sound. Their "brother duet" singing style is evident throughout along with plenty of their own brand of virtuoso acoustic guitar work.

1. In My Beautiful Dream; 2. Tell Me Why You Love Him So; 3. Give My Heart a Rest; 4. I Cried, Cried, Cried; 5. My Baby’s Gone; 6. Gonna Walk; 7. Hillbilly Boy; 8. You Don’t Care About Me; 9. So in Love; 10. North County Blues; 11. I Told Them All About You; 12. You Can’t Catch Me
Click here to go to "Downloads" & download the music to: "I Cried, Cried, Cried."

"In My Beautiful Dream" CD $14.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally

In My Beautiful Dream
Reviewed in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine by Christopher Thiessen

In many ways, the duet—especially in the style of the great brother duets of the early 20th century—is an incredibly difficult art form. It must appear deceptively simple in order to work well. Two voices and two instruments need to provide an ensemble of sound. And Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally honor well the legacy of the Monroes, the Delmores, the Bolicks, the Louvins, the Wilmores, and many others. Both Bruce and Nunally play recognizable, clean melody lines that augment the tunes they've selected. And like their guitar playing, their vocals are tight, straight-forward, and from the heart.

In My Beautiful Dream, the third Bruce-Nunally project, presents four original tunes from both Dix and Jim, with four others rounding out the dozen cuts on the CD. The original tunes often focus on the aftermath of love gone wrong or astray, but the duo's greatest strength occurs when they have the opportunity to sing and play a ballad. "Hillbilly Boy" relates the struggles of Dust Bowl migrants in California, while their rendition of the Dylan tune "North Country Blues" provides a gritty view into the demise of a town based on a dying iron ore mine.

Those tunes balance against the light-hearted "I Told Them All About You" (for which Dix wrote a great second verse) and the acoustic version of Chuck Berry's rock 'n' roll classic, You Can't Catch Me."

As a flatpicker, I appreciate the apparent simplicity of the solos Bruce and Nunally play: what sounds easy to play and fits elegantly into a tune results only from a great deal of practice and selection. Listen to the guitar work underneath the Louvin Brothers' "My Baby's Gone" or "Gonna Walk" or "Hillbilly Boy." In fact, you may want to look again at the last issue of FGM (September/October 2002): Dix Bruce tabs out his intro and solo to "I Told Them All About You." There's enough in the simple pattern of notes to keep anyone busy practicing for quite a while.

“My Folk Heart” by Dix Bruce (Musix CD 101)

An energetic, entertaining, and sometimes irreverent romp through the rich world of American folk and old time music. Bruce plays flatpicked, fingerpicked, and slide guitar, mandolin, autoharp, and harmonica, solo and with guests Jim Nunally-guitar & vocals, Tom Rozum-vocals, and John Reischman-mandolin. Selections: "Gold Watch & Chain," (cross picking); "Railroading on the Great Divide" (with Tom Rozum); and "The Coo Coo." There's plenty of hot and fast picking on "Mules, Mares, Bulls," a medley of three old time and fiddle tunes; "Little Darling Pal" (with John Reischman); and "Bound to Ride" (with Jim Nunally). There's lots of fun on lighter songs like the wonderfully ridiculous "Hot Corn, Cold Corn" (with Nunally); "I Wish I'd Bought Me a Half a Pint and Stayed in the Wagon Yard;" "Shake Sugaree;" and the not-so-subtle "single entendre" of "Tom Cat Blues." Also included: "Milwaukee Blues," fingerpicking medley "Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb" & "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "Morning Blues" and autoharp medley "Redwing" & "Grandfather's Clock." Click here for audio previews.

Click here to go to "Downloads" & download a sample page of music: "Kathi's Waltz."

Special CD blowout price!
"My Folk Heart" CD $7.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

Super special CDs blowout price: Buy both "My Folk Heart" & "Tuxedo Blues" CDs for JUST $14.00 and we'll pay the shipping!

“Tuxedo Blues: String Swing & Jazz” by Dix Bruce

(Musix CD 102)

Originals & classics from award-winning guitarist Dix Bruce with an incredibly swinging rhythm section of acoustic guitar, mandolin, violin, and bass. Add to this the hot lead playing of all the instrumentalists plus Bruce’s vocals and the mix is a hybrid of Django Reinhardt, Count Basie, and Dan Hicks. The music is high energy, the playing is superb, the grooves are infectiously swingy. Dix Bruce on guitar and vocals with the late great mandolinist/guitarist Bob Alekno; violinist David Balakrishnan; and bassist Mike Wollenberg. Selections: "Skip It," lyrics by Bruce to a melody by violin legend Stuff Smith; "Genevieve" a Latin-tinged string jazz composition; "Dawg’s Pause" named for Bruce’s mentor / friend David Grisman; "Richard Royal" a guitar ballad; "I Ain’t as Young as I Used to Be;" "Soldier's Jah" a Latin-flavored piece based on fiddle tune "Soldier's Joy;" "Django" the beautiful MJQ ballad; Jimmy Rushing’s "Evening;" B.B. King’s "Key to My Kingdom;" Clifford Brown & Wes Montgomery’s "Sandu," with "The David Balakrishnan Jazz Fiddle Quintet;" and "High Heel Sneakers" the 1950s R & B classic recorded live at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall. Tuxedo Blues is a hot good time! Click here for audio previews.

"Tuxedo Blues" CD $7.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

Super special CDs blowout price: Buy both "Tuxedo Blues" & "My Folk Heart" CDs for JUST $14.00 and we'll pay the shipping!

“From Fathers to Sons” by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally (Musix CD/Cass 104)

Jim & Dix’s first CD with "Rollin’ On," "Wildwood Flower," "How Can You Treat Me So," "My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It," "Foggy Mountain Special," "Darling Nelly Gray," "Flat Seven Medley," (reprinted in its entirety in Flatpicking Guitar magazine) "Your Tone of the Blues," "Soldier’s Joy," "The Bluebirds Are Singing For Me," "Tennessee Waltz," "The Leaving of Liverpool," "The Crawdad Song," "Beaumont Rag," "Rosalee of Old Kentucky," "Home Sweet Home." " …Delightful…" (Larry Kelp, East Bay Express) "…West Coast virtuosos…" (Acoustic Musician Magazine) "Strong picking, tight harmony vocals, tasteful song selection, Bruce and Nunally are to today’s folk and bluegrass music scene what groups like the Delmore Bros. and the Monroe Bros. were to country music of the 1930s and '40s." (Dan Miller –Flatpicking Guitar Magazine)

Click here to go to "Downloads" & download the music to: "Your Tone of the Blues" & "How Can You Treat Me So?"

"From Fathers to Sons" CD $14.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

"From Fathers to Sons" Cassette $6.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally

“The Way Things Are” by Dix Bruce & Jim Nunally (Musix CD 105)

Their long-awaited second CD of hot guitar playing and duet singing. “The Way Things Are” features compositions by Dix and Jim plus songs by Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash and other fine composers. Known in concert for their digital dexterity, tight and soulful duets, and irreverent wit, this new CD showcases Dix & Jim’s range of song writing, singing, and guitar playing talents. Bruce & Nunally’s Texas swing version of "Sally Goodin," previously featured in Flatpicking Guitar magazine and on the CD “Flatpicking ’98” is included. Selections: The Everly-esque "I Get Blue," a hot new "Folsom Prison Blues," "That’s the Way Things Are," "Nobody Sleeps at My Place," Jim’s "Something I Don’t Want to Know," Dix’s "Darling Will You Ever Think of Me?," an early country-style duet, Guthrie’s "Pretty Boy Floyd," "She’s Gonna Say Bye Bye," "Darling, You’re a Fool," "Home’s Where I Long to Be," "Way Out in the Jungle," and "When I Die."

Click here to go to "Downloads" & download the music to: "Something I Do't Want to Know" and "Nobody Sleeps at My Place."

"The Way Things Are" CD $14.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping.

Dix Bruce and Jim Nunally

Click the CD cover at left for artist and songlist.

Flatpicking ’98 CD $10.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping. While supplies last!

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Flatpicking ’99 CD $10.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping. While supplies last!

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Flatpicking 2003 CD $10.00 plus $1.50 for first class shipping. While supplies last!

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Back Up & Push – “String Swing & Jazz”

Yup, this isn't no compact disc, but a vestige of the long gone “Vinyl Era.” If you want it, we got it. EP recording from 1981 featuring some of your favorite San Francisco Bay acoustic string musicians including Dix Bruce, Bob Alekno, Darol Anger (player-producer), John Gonder, and Tim Ware (producer). Five great vocal and instrumental selections: Blue in the Midnight; Four; Doggone My Dreams; Bouree (from the book Mandolin Harmonics) and St. Thomas.

"String Swing & Jazz" by Back Up & Push - $3.00/1.30 postage.

BOB ALEKNO mandolin & vocals; DIX BRUCE guitar & lead vocals, mandolin solos on "St. Thomas," JOHN GONDER electric mandolin, vocals; guitar on "St. Thomas," MARKIE SANDERS electric bass; acoustic bass on "St. Thomas," with DAROL ANGER violin on "Blue in the Midnight"

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