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BackUp Trax: Basic Blues for Guitar

Basic Blues for Guitar

BackUP Trax: Basic Blues for Guitar by Dix Bruce. Learn to play fourteen classic blues: Country and Urban Blues, Acoustic and Electric Blues, Delta Blues, Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, Slide Guitar Blues, Alternate Tuning, Traditional and Modern Blues in many different major and minor keys.

Turn on the downloadable hot blues rhythm section audio, play along, and you’ve got the makings of a dynamite blues jam session! Learn the melody from the book and/or make up your own riffs, licks, and solos. Repeat a tune or passage as many times as you wish. You play all the leads and solos! Band includes guitar, bass, drums, piano and harmonica. We’ll jam all night long. Hear an audio sample by clicking the antique speaker above. Watch a Video Preview by clicking the TV image at left.

• Beginners & Intermediate players can practice basic skills. Advanced players can hone their improvisation chops.

• Everyone learns at his or her own individual pace.

• Melodies are first presented on the recordings at a slow speed with just guitar, then repeated at regular speed with the band. Finally, the band plays several choruses and you play all the leads.

• Split track recording allows you to hear either just melody from one speaker, just the rhythm section from the other, or both for maximum flexibility and specific study, while reading melody, tablature, and chords in the book.

• Potential for improvement is unlimited.

• The band never gets tired. We’ll jam all night long!

A note on the recordings that accompany the book: Our main publisher, Mel Bay Publications, has decided to stop including CDs with their instructional books in favor of audio downloads. BackUp TRAX: Basic Blues for Guitar is no longer available with CD, only downloads. If you'd still like to have the audio on CDs, we can provide them at our cost. They're only available when you buy the book. See the link below.

(This phasing out of CDs will not affect the book/CD sets that Musix publishes, like "Gypsy Swing and Hot Club Rhythm," which will continue to be sold with a CD included.)

BackUp Trax: Basic Blues for Guitar Book only: $15.15 Add $2.92 for Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or more); $6.45 for Priority Mail (two to three business days).

BackUp Trax: Basic Blues for Guitar Book/ CD set: $17.15 Add $2.92 for Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or more); $6.45 for Priority Mail (two to three business days).
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Songlist with blues type and key:
Memphis Minnie Blues (Uptempo Country Blues in A)
Born to Die (Bottleneck/Slide in D)
When I Lay My Burden Down (Gospel/Country Blues in C)
Kissin’ Ain’t No Crime (Medium 1950s R & B Rock Blues in C)
T-Model Ford Blues (Shuffle in G)
C minor Blues (Slow Modern/Urban Blues in C minor)
Honey Babe (Uptempo Texas/Country Blues in E)
The Highway Blues (Slow Shuffle in F)
Jump Blues (Fast 1940s Rhythm & Blues in Ab)
Frogs For Snakes (Very Slow Texas/Delta Blues in E)
G Minor Blues (Medium Modern/Urban Blues in G minor)
Tuxedo Blues (Rock & Roll Rhumba in G)
Rockabilly Boogie (Very Fast Rockabilly in E)
Cream in My Coffee (Jazz Blues in Bb)