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Music Luggage Tags

Our luggage tags are just what every musician, singer, or recording engineer needs to uniquely identify their instrument cases, luggage, and other stuff. Each handmade 2” X 3.5” “business card sized” tag is made of soft plastic — easy on your hands as you pick up your case — and features a beautiful photo insert (photo by Dix Bruce) of a classic instrument or microphone. Each insert is double sided so you can display your favorite instrument or mic on both sides or just one side and use the other side of the tag for your business card or the included ID card. Each tag comes packaged with a soft plastic loop to attach it to the handle of your case. Find your favorite below! Just $4.50 each plus 1.80 first class postage. Special: 6 luggage tags for $20.00 plus $3.96 first class postage. (See special link below). Watch this space for new arrivals. We'll add more great tags in the near future!
Each luggage tag comes with an ID card.

AG-2 Guitar Luggage Tag

AG-4 Guitar Luggage Tag

AG-1 Guitar Luggage Tag

AG-3 Guitar Luggage Tag

M-1 Mandolin Luggage Tag

M-2 Mandolin Luggage Tag

M-3 Mandolin Luggage Tag

M-5 Mandolin Luggage Tag

M-4 Mandolin Luggage Tag

M-6 Mandolin Luggage Tag

M-7 Mandolin Luggage Tag

RM-1 Microphone Luggage Tag

RM-2 Microphone Luggage Tag

UK-1 Uke Luggage Tag

K-1 Keyboard Luggage Tag

SB-1 String Bass Luggage Tag

V-1 Violin Luggage Tag

V-3 Violin Luggage Tag

V-2 Violin Luggage Tag

V-4 Violin Luggage Tag

B-1 Banjo Luggage Tag

B-2 Banjo Luggage Tag

B-3 Banjo Luggage Tag

B-4 Banjo Tux Luggage Tag

B-5 Banjo Frailing Luggage Tag

T-2 Tenor Resonator Luggage Tag

R-1 Resonator Luggage Tag

AH-1 Autoharp Luggage Tag

J-1 Musical Jug Luggage Tag

EG-3 Guitar Luggage Tag

EG-2 Guitar Luggage Tag

EB-1 Bass Luggage Tag

EG-1 Guitar Luggage Tag

Luggage Tags any 6, Special price!

Any 6 Luggage Tags for $20.00.

(Be sure to specify which tags you want in the “Enter any special instructions or comments” field on the Musix order form. Just enter the product numbers, for example, AG-1 or RM-1.)

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