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Jethro Burns Complete Mandolin Stretch your knowledge of mandolin beyond what you thought possible in the direction of jazz and swing. Loaded with exercises Jethro recommended for improving control and speed, fiddle and folk tunes as only Jethro could have arranged them, plus most of his wonderful compositions, over 75 tunes in all.
Bill Monroe Mandolin Instrumentals Transcriptions of 25 Monroe classic solos including Bluegrass Stomp, Raw Hide, Big Mon, Cheyenne, Monroe's Hornpipe, more.
Shady Grove: Acoustic Guitar Solos by Jerry Garcia Dix Bruce transcribed all the melodies, lyrics, chords along with Jerry Garcia's guitar solos from all the songs on the historic recording "Shady Grove" by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman. Learn to play them all!
Shady Grove: Mandolin Solos by David Grisman John McGann transcribed all of David Grisman's solos from the "Shady Grove" CD by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman.
Electric Bass Method Standard notation approach to reading notes on four string bass, rudiments of playing, arpeggios featuring major, minor, augmented, diminished, and seventh chords, plus upper harmonic extensions.

Guitar Method Grade 1

Do you want to learn to read music on the guitar? If so, this is the method for you! Standard notation only (no tablature) to encourage better sight reading. Learn solos, duets, scales, and chords.
Manuscript Book Keep all your musical ideas in one place in this spiral bound blank manuscript book. A must for the serious musician.
First Lessons Mandolin

It doesn't get any easier than this! If you've never had a mandolin in your hands before but want to learn to play it, this is the book/CD or book/CD/DVD set for you. "First Lessons Mandolin" teaches the absolute basics of learning to play mandolin.

Ear Training Vol. I-III (Scales & Tetrachords) & Vol. II: Intervals An incredibly effective ear training course in three volumes teaches students to recognize scale & mode forms, intervals, and chords. 3 books plus 11 CDs.
All About Chords Comprehensive and remarkable book that helps you to quickly understand chordal structures and the in-depth essentials of chord progressions and how they work.

We'll be your band, you play all the solos! Play along with the CD, practice improvising, solos, & melodies to some of the most popular tunes in the Traditional Jazz/Dixieland, Old Time and Fiddle Tune, or Swing & Jazz repertoire. We'll Jam all night long! Newest: Basic Blues for Guitar.

You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar Aimed at beginners and intermediate players it teaches everything you need to get started playing Country Guitar:
You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin Aimed at beginners and intermediate players it teaches everything you need to know to gets you started playing the worlds most fascinating, yet small, stringed instrument.
Great Mandolin Pickin’ Tunes Book/CD set 23 favorites: bluegrass, jazz, swing, Irish, classical, Italian, Christmas, gospel, Cajun, ballads, jigs, rags, breakdowns, and more.
Guide to Capo, Transposing, & the Nashville Numbering System

Basic music theory explains the how and why of capos, transposing, and the mysteries of the Nashville Numbering System.

Beginning Country Guitar Handbook Basics of flatpicking country guitar: chording, backup, bass runs, leads, bluegrass picking, lead flatpicking, introductory music theory, soloing and improvisation, backing up singers, how to use a capo, how to transpose, etc.
Swing & Jazz Rhythm Guitar Chord System

Best, most complete chord system for basic swing and jazz rhythm guitar. Great systematic approach to learning all the important jazz chord forms.

Mandolin Harmonics Collection of mandolin duets, melodies and harmonies designed to be played by two and three mandolins. Text explains how to add a harmony part to a simple melody by analyzing the chord progression and melody.
Master Anthology of Mandolin Solos

Unbelievable collection of music from the greatest mandolinists in the world! Styles range from old time to bluegrass to classical to jazz. Available by special order only.

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