BackUP TRAX Book & CD Play-along sets

BackUp Trax book/CD sets by Dix Bruce (Mel Bay Publications) help musicians learn music by playing along with a band. We've added audio clips so you can preview all the TRAX sets online. Just click on the antique speaker links on each individual Trax' page.

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BackUP Trax: Basic Blues for Guitar by Dix Bruce. Learn to play fourteen classic blues: Country and Urban Blues, Acoustic and Electric Blues, Delta Blues, Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, Slide Guitar Blues, Alternate Tuning, Traditional and Modern Blues in many different major and minor keys.

BackUP Trax: Old Time & Fiddle Tunes for Cello. Cellists can hear, read, and learn a great collection of fiddle and old time tunes arranged for cello while playing along with a great traditional string band!

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Old Time & Fiddle Tunes
for Cello

Basic Blues for Guitar

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You play along with the CD, read the music and/or tablature, and learn melodies and etudes to some of the most popular tunes in the Traditional Jazz/Dixieland, Old Time and Fiddle Tune, Swing & Jazz, and Blues repertoire. Then practice improvising and soloing!

First you'll hear a tune's melody, with just guitar or piano backup, at a speed slow enough for beginners. Next you'll hear the melody once again, this time with the whole band, at the regular speed. After that, the band plays several choruses of the tune and you supply the melody or solo! Split-track stereo tape allows you to hear just lead, just rhythm, or both so you can easily isolate parts for specific study. You can repeat a song, at either speed, as many times as you wish, perfecting phrases, melodies and solos in a band context without tiring your back up musicians. Beginners can practice basic skills while more advanced players can hone their improvisation chops, both at their own individual learning rates.

Potential for improvement is unlimited. You'll be amazed at your progress when you regularly jam with the BackUP Trax tapes. It's just like playing with a band and you're the star soloist. We'll jam all night long! It's fun, so… Let's JAM!


“Back Up Trax are a staple at my jazz violin seminars. It's great to have a good acoustic string band playing these important jazz changes, at all different tempos. It really makes what I'm trying to get across a lot clearer, and a lot more fun…players can't wait to get their hands on their own copy.
(Violinist Darol Anger)

“…Beautifully packaged, equally valuable for both aspiring and experienced jazz musicians”
(Floyd Levin - Jersey Jazz)

“…Superb, a must for every student's library…Allows the student to learn with a professional rhythm section, experiment with as many soloing ideas as he or she can muster, and most importantly, to learn the art of improvisation while enjoying every moment of his or her practice session. I wholeheartedly recommend this to all of my students…”
(Elvo D’Amante: Chairman Emeritus of Music, Laney College, Oakland, CA.)

“…casts a bright light on the mysterious art of improvisation…the author's brief comments clarify many of the complexities of chord progressions.”
(Jazz Journal)

“I've really enjoyed your BackUp Trax (Swing & Jazz, Vol I) and have gotten a lot out of it. BackUp Trax delivered the most bang for the buck of any such instructional materials I've purchased. (It's just too much fun to gather dust like some other stuff).”
(David B., Waban, MA)

“…Very well- organized and presented. I strongly recommend it … educational and enjoyable…an invaluable learning tool for the student.”
(Guitarist Duck Baker in Jazz Times)

“What a fantastic job. The recording allows me to play while repeating, stopping, getting lost — no live band or teacher would put up with that. If players could hear your recording just once, you'd sell a million copies.”
(J. R. - Pensacola, FL)

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