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Begun in 1976 by David Grisman, Todd Phillips, and Darol Anger, founding members of the ground-breaking David Grisman Quintet, Mandolin World News published 31 issues. Each was packed to the staples with valuable information on every aspect of the mandolin and mandolin playing in all styles, all over the world. Each issue included an interview with an important mandolin innovator or an in-depth article on a past mandolin master. Also included were columns, music and tablature, playing tips, exercises, instruction, repair and setup information, transcriptions, recording tips, vintage photos, recipes, jokes and "Jethro Speaks." Styles covered included classical, jazz, popular, folk, country, bluegrass, swing, blues, Celtic, and much more.

Dix Bruce edited Mandolin World News from 1978 through 1984. The magazine was published for one year by John Stiernberg. It ceased publication thereafter.

All back issues of Mandolin World News are currently available, though many are in very short supply. Others are officially out of print but available on photo copies. Each individual original issue sells for $3.25/.75 postage for the first issue sold, $3.25/.30 postage for each additional issue. Each individual photo copy issue sells for $4.75/.75 postage for the first issue sold, $4.75/.30 postage for each additional issue. Special 10% discount if you buy all 31. (Shipping for all 31: $4.34 for slower Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or more); $11.15 for the faster Priority Mail (two to three business days.) Get 'em while we still got 'em! Click on the cover below to see the table of contents, the inside front cover, of each individual issue. Please note: Each volume below contains four individual issues. Volume VII has only three issues; there is no volume VIII. Please order by volume and issue number only. The listing below details only the main or cover story for each issue. All are loaded with other articles, columns, music, interviews, transcriptions, discographies and valuable information.

Special note: We are almost completely sold out of all of the original (non-photo copy) issues of Mandolin World News. (See the covers below for information on "original" versus "reprint" availability.) Soon, all issues will be available in photo copy versions only, depending upon sales. Since costs of photo copying, folding, and binding have risen significantly, we've had to raise our prices accordingly. If you'd like to get any or all of the back issues of MWN, we suggest that you do it soon, while we still have some of the original printed copies and before the inevitable price rise. Our stock of back issues has been declining for some time and we have no plans to officially re-print or re-issue them. If you want 'em, better grab 'em!

If you're interested in jazz mandolin and one great musician, check out former MWN columnist Don Stiernberg's website:

Special 10% Discount on all 31 Back Issues of Mandolin World News: $115.87 plus $4.34 for Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or longer); $11.15 for the faster Priority Mail (two to three business days).

Orders outside the USA: Please contact us by email regarding shipping fees for full sets. The US Postal Service currently offers only Priority Mail International (no First Class or Surface service) on this five pound package and it can be quite expensive depending upon where you live. E-mail:

31 Back Issues of Mandolin World News: Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or longer) total $120.40

31 Back Issues of Mandolin World News: Priority Mail (two to three business days) total $128.22

All 31 Back Issues of Mandolin World News: to EU via International First Class Mail total $177.82

Vol. 1, #1-22pp
Historic 1st Issue
Reprint available: $3.25

Vol. 1, #2-22pp
Rudy Cipolla
Original available: $4.75

Vol. 1, #3-22pp
Andy Statman
Original available: $3.25

Vol. 1, #4-22pp
Original available: $3.25

Vol. 2, #1-22pp
Sam Bush #1
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 2, #2-26pp
Jethro Burns
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 2, #3-26pp
Dave Apollon
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 2, #4-26pp
Bill Monroe
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 3, #1-30pp
Tiny Moore
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 3, #2-30pp
Hugo D’Alton
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 3, #3-30pp
Jesse McReynolds
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 3, #4-38pp
Frank Wakefield
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 4, #1-42pp
David Grisman
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 4, #2-42pp
Johnny Gimble
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 4, #3-38pp
Bob Osborne
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 4, #4-38pp
Ry Cooder
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 5, #1-42pp
Buck White
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 5, #2-50pp
Mike Seeger
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 5, #3-46pp
Reprint available:

Vol. 5, #4-57pp Hershel Sizemore / Dean Webb
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 6, #1-53pp
Electric Mandolin
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 6, #2-53pp
John Duffey
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 6, #3-45pp
Everett Lilly
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 6, #4-57pp
Sam Bush #2
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 7, #1-49pp
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 7, #2-45pp
Levon Helm
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 7, #3-53pp
Mike Marshall
Reprint available: $4.75

Volume VII #4 was not published.

There was no Volume VIII published.

Vol. 9, #1-49pp
Y.Rachell/L. Duisit
Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 9, #2-49pp
Tim O’Brien

Reprint available: $4.75

Vol. 9, #3-57pp
Peter Ostroushko
Original available: $3.25

Vol. 9, #4-57pp
H. von Bernewitz
Original available: $3.25

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