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Jethro Burns Complete Mandolin Book

Jethro Burns was one incredible mandolin player. Whether he was playing jazz, country, pop, solo chord melody mandolin, or bluegrass, he took his mandolin and his music to new heights with incredible flights of imagination, creativity, and virtuosity. His technique was stunning and seemingly without limit.

Beginning in the late 1970s, Jethro wrote three groundbreaking and progressive books on his playing for Mel Bay Publications. They were packed with exercises he recommended for improving control and speed, fiddle and folk tunes as only Jethro could have arranged them, arpeggios, scales, chord theory, original compositions and solos by Jethro plus transcriptions of some of his finest recorded solos. All designed and organized by Jethro to teach students his complete approach to the mandolin and to the music he was famous for.

Now all three of Jethro’s books have been collected and reissued in one volume as Jethro Burns’ Complete Mandolin Book along with, for the first time, two CDs with recordings by the master himself playing pieces from the book! Jethro Burns' Complete Mandolin Book will stretch your knowledge of mandolin beyond what you thought possible. Worth the price for the transcriptions of Jethro's famous and revolutionary recorded solos on "Back Up & Push," "Mississippi Sawyer," "Tennessee Waggoner," "Old Joe Clark," "Soldier's Joy," "Hell Amongst the Yearlings" alone. Great tunes and exercises for any mandolinist. With TAB. Book/downloadable audio set. 240 pages. $39.95 plus postage.

Contents: Tremolo, Explanation of Terms, Simple Chords—Open Position, Boll Weevil Exercise, Medium-Difficulty Solos and Exercises, Pinky-Control Exercise, Special Pull-String Technique, Exercise a la Ellington, Warm-Up Thing, Three-String Chord Positions, Exercise in C (Version I), Exercise in C (Version II), Altered Chords, Exercise in F (#1), Exercise in F (#2), Ending Licks in A, Circle-of-5ths Progression , Cramer Licks, Improvising and More Advanced Solos, Exercises Using Whole-Tone Scales, Exercises Using Diminished-7ths, Crazy Fiddle Licks, Split-String Technique, Some Chord Theory, Pull-String Technique, Scale and Broken-Chord Exercises, Exercises for Right-Hand Technique, Cross-String Technique, Cross-String Exercise, Exploring Basic Bluegrass Harmony and Beyond, "Standard" Chord Progression, Double-Stop Exercise, Double-Stop Licks in Waltz Time, Broken Chords in G, Broken Chords in A, More Broken Chords in A, Broken Chords in D, More Broken Chords in D, Cirlce-of-5ths Exercise in C, Circle-of-5ths Exercise in F, "Around the Horn" Exercise, Flying Fingers Exercise, Fast, Fun Exercise , Exploring Basic Bluegrass Styles, Chord Charts.

Tunes: All Strung Out 80, Amazing Grace 33, America the Beautiful 90, Annie Laurie 163, Aura Lee 166, Back Up and Push 46, 126, Bile Them Cabbage Down 173, BillyBoy 113, Black and Blues 18, Blackberry Blossom 24, Blackberry Blossom—High Version 25, Boll Weevil 13, BridgeWork 199, ButterFingers 118, Camptown Races 36, CarelessLove 159, Chicken Reel 101, CrippleCreek 11, Cross Country 66, Cumberland Gap 221, Devil's Dream 9, Dirty Old Mandolin 58, Dixie : 92, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 156, Fickle Fingers 28, Fisher's Hornpipe 14, Flaky - 82, Flickin' My Pick 45, Flop Eared Mule 16, For He's a Jolly Good Fellow 35, , Goin' Down That Road Feeling Bad 152, , Golden Slippers 68, Grandfather's Clock 109, Greensleeves 91, Hell Amongst the Yearlings 132, I've Been Working on the Railroad 96, Jesse James 224, Jethro's Tune 22, Jethrology 70, John Hardy 105, JuneApple 104, Junqucyard 44, Just a Closer Walk 56, Listen to the Mockingbird 50, Litterbug Waltz 74, Little Brown Jug 60, Londonderry Air 78, Mando Bleu 210, Mississippi Mod 43, Mississippi Sawyer 124, My Old Kentucky Home 40, Nellie Bly 146, Nelly Gray 139, , Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen 62, , Old Joe Clark 8,128, Old Time Religion 135, Paddy on the Turnpike 15, Pop Goes the Weasel 168, Raunchy Old Rag 116, Reuben Sandwich 86, Rickett's Reel 10, Rip-Off 76, Sailor'sHornpipe 17, Sam's Bush 49, Scotch Plaid 217, Shift of Wit 26, Slim Pickin' 81, Soldier'sJoy 130, Swanee River 72, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 144, Tater-Bug Rag 71, TennesseeWagoner 122, When Johnny Comes Marching Home 148, Will the Circle Be Unbroken 32, Yellow Rose of Texas 94.

"Jethro Burns Complete Mandolin" book plus online/downloadable audio. $39.95 plus postage.

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