Gift Guide for Fiddle & Violin

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Swing Jazz Violin with Hot-Club Rhythm
by Jeremy Cohen & Dix Bruce

Learn melodies and solos to 16 great jazz standards by practicing and improvising along with a recorded "Hot-Club" style band. Includes helpful and informative tips on playing jazz on the violin by Jeremy Cohen, one of America’s finest violinists. Includes two jazz string quartets. $24.95

“The Music of Eddie South
by Jeremy Cohen & Violinjazz Jeremy Cohen and Violinjazz shine new light on the music of one of the greatest jazz violinists of all time, Eddie South. South was on par with Joe Venuti, Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith, Ray Nance, Sven Asmussen, and Paul Nero. $15.00
Parking Lot Picker's Songbook for Fiddle (book & 2CD set)
by Gerald Jones & Dix Bruce

“Must have" collection of over 215 great Bluegrass, Old Time, Country, and Gospel standards includes two CDs with recordings of EVERY song from the 280 page book. Learn to play songs written and recorded by the giants of traditional American music: Bill Monroe, The Stanley Brothers, Flatt & Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, The Osborne Brothers, Jimmy Martin, Doc Watson, and many more. $34.99

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Old Time & Fiddle Tunes

Learn to play fiddle tunes while jamming with a great band!

BackUP Trax: Early Jazz& Hot Tunes
Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on Jazz from the 1920s & 30s while jamming with a great band! $15.95

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Swing & Jazz

Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on '30s & '40s Jazz while jamming with a great band! $15.95

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Trad. Jazz & Dixieland

Learn leads, rhythm, & solos on traditional jazz & Dixieland while jamming with a great band! $15.95

All About Chords
Learn how chords are made, changed and named.
Ear Training, Vol 1-3
Train your ears to hear, scales, intervals, melodies, & chords. $72.75 for Vol. I—3 or indiv. books at separate prices.

Manuscript Book
Write down your musical thoughts, ideas and solos & keep them in one safe place. $6.99

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