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Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin by Dix Bruce

96 pages specifically designed to get you up and playing Bluegrass Mandolin. The book starts out with general mandolin topics and then dives directly into all the things you’ll need to know to play Bluegrass mandolin: chords, rhythm, single note playing, double stops, fiddle tunes, playing in all keys, playing backup, transposing from one key to another, introductions or kickoffs, and tremolo. The book uses classic Bluegrass songs and tunes in the process so that by the end of this book, you’ll have the beginnings of a great Bluegrass repertoire! For a complete list of songs, audio samples from the downloadable audio, and a sample page/lesson from the book, see below. Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin. $19.95 plus $2.92 for Media Mail or $6.45 for Priority Mail.

Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin review from Bluegrass Unlimited magazine:
If you want to get in on the ground floor as a budding bluegrass mandolinist, putting yourself in the guiding hands of Dix Bruce and Mel Bay Publications is a fine place to start ... His instructional book, which comes with (downloadable audio), takes the novice from square one: tuning, reading music and tablature, chords, etc. All are patiently and playfully dealt with in easy to read charts and commentary. The author skillfully balances a wide array of songs and keys with one eye always on the idiomatic quirks that distinguish bluegrass from other styles. Bruce's writing "voice" is very accessible, and he does a good job of simply explaining challenging concepts in an encouraging way... A good choice for a starting player ... this book should have any mandolinist chopping in their woodshed in no time." HK

Customer comments on Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin:
Just got my book today in the mail.  I just want to tell you what a GREAT book it is!  It is so easy to follow.  I'm going to recommend it to all my friends who wanted me to teach them how to play bluegrass mandolin.. . you do a better job!  Thanks." K.R. - San Ramon, CA

Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin book ONLY. $19.95 plus Add $2.92 for Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or more); $6.45 for Priority Mail (two to three business days).

Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin CD ONLY. $2.00 plus Add $1.00 for Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or more); $6.45 for Priority Mail (two to three business days).

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Click here for Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin sample page/lesson

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Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin contents:
The Mandolin and its Parts 5
Holding the Mandolin 6
Holding the Pick 8
Tuning the Mandolin 9
"Open" Chords 10
First Chords, First Song 11
Keys 12
Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms 12
Tablature 13
John Hardy 15
Will the Circle Be Unbroken 16
Great Big Bad Bluegrass Chop Chords 18
East Virginia Blues 22
Bury Me Beneath the Willow 24
Long Journey Home 27
All the Good Times are Past and Gone 29
Aura Lee 30
Fiddle Tunes & eighth notes 32
Old Joe Clark 35
Bluegrass solos 36
Ragtime Annie 37
Liberty 38
Nine Pound Hammer 39
Crawdad Song 41
Fretting Hand Techniques: Slides, hammers, pulls 43
When the Saints Go Marching In 46
Somebody Touched Me 47
Double Stops 47
Will the Circle Be Unbroken solo 49
Bury Me Beneath the Willow solo 51
Transitions Back Into Rhythm 52
Right Hand Technique: Tremolo 54
Banks of the Ohio solo with tremolo 55
Down in the Willow Garden solo with tremolo 56
Pass Me Not solo with double stops and tremolo 57
Playing Back Up 58
Wash of Notes Back Up 59
A Beautiful Life back up 59
New River Train “Call and response” back up 61
Modulation & transposing 62
In the Pines back up 63
Lonesome Valley 64
Transpositon Chart 66
Transposing Up and Down the Fingerboard 67
Little Maggie 69
Minor chords 73
Shady Grove 76
Bluesy Solos 77
Wayfaring Stranger 78
Moveable Blues 81
Man of Constant Sorrow 82
Kickoffs and Turnarounds 85
Jamming 89
So Long! 90
Chord Dictionary 91

Customer comment:

"....your new (Getting into) Mandolin Bluegrass book is THE BEST bluegrass book I have ever had; you give us words, tablature, musical notation, CD and history and humor to boot, and some classic pictures, all for under $30. I applaud you for so great a gift to bluegrass musicians. I foresee your book being THE book to have in the bluegrass world…I give you a 10.5 outta 10. I will tell everyone in the world to get it. "
K.R. San Ramon, CA

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