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"Ear Training" discounted prices.

Sorry, no shop worn copies currently available.

From time to time the publisher of the excellent "Ear Training" books allow us to pirchase special stock that is perfect in every way, except that they are slightly shop worn. We're selling them at a discounted price. In most cases the only difference you'll notice are wear marks from shipping & handling or store display. These include slight creases and bent or rounded corners. Some books were used for in-store display and the CD envelopes may have been opened. All pages and CDs are guaranteed to be complete and in perfectly readable and playable condition. Prices are shown below. (Click here to check availability of similar "All About Chords" books.

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A Note on Shipping & Postage

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Ear Training Vol. III By Elvo S. D'Amante

Capturing the Basic Chord Sound Qualities

"EarTraining Volume III" (SHOPWORN) 96-page book/4CDs
by Elvo D'Amante $21.95 (regular price: $26.95) plus postage:
  Add $2.92 for Media Mail (ten days to two weeks or more); $6.45 for Priority Mail (two to three business days).

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