Guide to the Capo DVD
by Dix Bruce

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Dix Bruce’s Guide to the Capo DVD teaches you everything you need to know about using a capo. Dix teaches basic music theory that explains how the capo works and why. You’ll learn all the fundamentals of placing several different styles of capos on both acoustic and electric guitars. You’ll learn how the fret position of the capo affects what key you’re playing in and how to use the capo as an artistic tool. Dix demonstrates several songs with special capoing techniques including how to use a “partial capo” to simulate an alternate tuning, how to use two capos on one guitar, and how to use capos on two different guitars at different positions when you play in a duo or band. Great for guitarists of all levels.

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DVD Chapters:
What’s a capo
Placing your Capo on the Guitar
Different Capos
How the Capo Works
The Chromatic Scale
Capoing non-major Chords
Adjusting Tuning when Capoed
Using the Fingerboard Dots
All About Keys
Capo on an Electric Guitar?
Using the Capo as an Artistic Tool
Columbus Stockade Blues:
One Guitar Capoed, One not
Two Guitars Capoed at Different Frets
Handsome Molly: Two Guitars Capoed at Different Frets
Using a Partial Capo
Staggerlee with a Partial Capo
Pretty Polly with a Partial Capo
Aura Lee with a Partial Capo
Two Capos on One Guitar
John Henry: Two Capos, One Guitar

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