Mandolin World News Vol. IX #1
Table of Contents / Inside front cover

MandolinWorld News Volume IX Number I

Editor's Column by Dix Bruce 1
Yank Rachell Interview by Rich DelGrosso . 5
Music: Shotgun Blues 10
Beginner's Page by Charlie Brown 13
Music: Sally Goodin' 15
Jazz Stuff: A Day in the Life of a Fool by Don Stiernberg 17
Classical Column: Beethoven and the Mandolin by Marilynn Mair 20
Music: Beethoven's Sonatina 23
Lorraine Duisit Interview by Dix Bruce 26
Music: The Old Road to Maryland 30
Celtic Column: The Congress Reel by Danny Carnahan 33
Music: The Congress Reel 33
Record & Tape Reviews 36
Book Reviews 42
NWNews Briefs 46
Classifieds 47
Jethro Speaks: Possum Quiche inside back cover
Cover: Yank Rachell photo furnished by R. DelGrosso; Lorraine Duisit photo by Dix Bruce.

John Stiernberg, publisher; Don Stiernberg, editor-at-large; Dix Bruce, editor; William Hurrle, copy editor; Deba Horn, production manager; Lori Schweder, circulation manager; Dave Neidig, advertising manager; Paul Maslin, music copyist; Paul Abramson, media consultant
Contributors: Charlie Brown, Danny; Carnahan, Rich DelGrosso, Dave Letwon, Marilynn Mair, John Parrott. David Grisman, founder and consultant, Craig Miller, managerial consultant, Dix Bruce, editorial consultant

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