Mandolin World News Vol. VI #4
Table of Contents / Inside front cover

Mandolin WorId News Volume VI Number IV

Letters 1
Editor's Note 2
Sam Bush Interview by Dix Bruce 4
Music: Gasology Solo by Sam Bush 14
Recipes of the Mandolin Stars 16
Collector's Corner: Martin Style 2 Mandolins
by Richard Johnston 18
Celtic Column: What Is that Thing? by Dan Carnahan 21
Music: Blackbird Hornpipe 24
Classical Mandolin: Sources by Marilyn Mair 26
Music: Mozart Palindromic Canon28
Repairman's Reply: Attic Treasures by John Pedersen 30
Beginner's Page: Basic Reading by Mike Marshall 32
Jazz Stuff: Chords & Rhythm Playing by Don Stiernberg 36
Record Reviews 41
Book Reviews 44
Classified Advertisements 46
News Briefs 50
Composer's Page: Opus 57 by David Grisman 52
Jethro Speaks by Jethro Burns56
Whozat? 57
Cover photo by Dix Bruce

MANDOLIN WORLD STAFF: Dix Bruce, editor. Bob Alekno, Darol Anger, Dan
Carnahan, David Grisman, Mike Marshall, Craig Miller, John Pedersen, Don Stiernberg. Art Director: Becky Smith. Masthead: Becky Wilson. Cover Concept: Dan Carnahan. Layout, design, and music copy: Becky Smith.

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