Mandolin World News Vol. V #3
Table of Contents / Inside front cover

Volume V Number III

Editor's Column by Dix Bruce 3
Letters 4
Abraham Leibovitz Interview 7
Music: J.S. Bach Two Part Invention #10 13
Dave Apollon Part II by David Grisman 17
Music: Russian Rag 21
Music: Study by Rudy Cipolla 29
Jazz Stuff by Don Stiernberg 31
Composer's Page Red's Tune by Mark Weiss 35
Beginner's Page by Mike Marshall and Dix Bruce 37
Repairman's Page by John Pedersen 40
Classified Ads 41
News Briefs 41

Masthead: Becky Wilson Back Cover: Dave Teeter Design: Inkdragon
MANDOLIN WORLD STAFF: Dix Bruce, editor.
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